Article: Top 10 Actors Who Explored Another Skill For Their Role

Human beings are born with certain traits and learn some others while living.

Everyone has immense potential to learn, relearn and unlearn. Whatever profession we pursue, we can always be open to trying something new and not confining ourselves around age and gender. This is so true for actors while preparing to enter the shoes of imaginary and sometimes real characters, they always let themselves flow in it and try their best to make it realistic. At times they require to be professionally skilled for a particular role, as the story surrounds the skill actors train themselves, and K-drama actors are no exception! Let’s peek into the windows of some dedicated training and talent.

1. Senior Actor Park In Hwan (Navillera-2021)- Ballet

Who says you are old enough to have learned enough? Navillera is a story of 70 years old Shim Deok Chul (played by Park In Hwan), a retired mailman with a long past dream of being a ballet dancer. It’s the story of Shim Deok Chul, who wants to try ‘flying’ once. When asked about ballet and what attracted actor Park In Hwan to the role, he expressed how it was difficult at first and required flexibility and strength, which made him wonder if he could even do it, but the character was of his age, and it was pleasing for him to see Shim pursuing the dream. Despite being 70 years old, he practiced ballet for months before filming and even continued practice on days of no shoot. How can one not admire such a spirit?

2. Yoon Eunhye (Coffee Prince-2007)- Latte Art

Coffee Prince is a story revolving around the cafe and the men who run the cafe, but little do the men know that there is a princess among princes. Eun Chan (played by Yoon Eunhye) disguises himself as male because of her desperation for work and because of some tangled situations. Eunhye dedicatedly started practicing ‘Latte art’ for a long time after casting, and as a result, she made all the coffee in the Drama herself. She is also known for her cooking skills which were showcased in a K-variety show, ‘Stars Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant’, a celeb cooking show. Sounds tasty!

3. Lee Jun Ho (Wok Of love-2018)- Cooking

A great chance to learn a survival skill! Actor Lee Jun Ho played the role of Chef Seo Poong, who takes the challenge to train a former gangster team and survive against a 6-star hotel right across the street. Lee Jun Ho took training from a professional chef. The chef applauded him for his passion and how eventually he became comfortable as a real chef with Wok and fire after one month of prior training and initial struggle. Lee Jun Ho also wanted to adopt not only skills but a chef mindset which made him curious, resulting in lots of questions on sets as expressed by the chef.

4. The Hospital Playlist Gang (2020) – Musical Instrument

(Actor Jeon Mido, Cho Jung Suk, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jung Kyung HO, Kim Dae Myung) Doctors by profession but amazing friends on the cart! Hospital Playlist revolves around 5 friends (doctors) showcasing their stories along with other people who pass through their lives leaving behind unique stories and essence. Five friends make their band and present songs in their style at the end of every episode. All five of them were new to Bass, Guitar, Drum, and Keyboard except Actor ChoJung Suk with little experience. They practiced songs and instruments for months giving the impression of being real musicians in the Drama, and one can watch their fun journey towards the rhythm in the making video on the official YouTube channel.

5. Shin Hye Sun (Angel’s Last Mission: Love-2019) – Ballet

A non-Ballerina Actress Shin Hye Sun worked for 6 months to learn ballet as

soon as she was cast in the Drama, ‘Angel’s last mission: Love’ for the role of ballet artist. She continued to practice even when the filming started despite her schedule. Who says something stays impossible, it needs effort and time to work on, and why not?

6. Lee Min Ho (Faith: The Great Doctor-2012) –Swordsmanship, Horse Riding, And Archery

Hold your sword, Show your power! A historic drama always has some fantastic action scenes which can take a toll on the actors, but despite its physical and psychological demands, Actor Lee Min Ho practiced sword fighting, archery, and horseback riding before 2 months of shooting. The extra calorie required for the skill resulted in approximately 15-pound weight loss for the actor in just one

month of filming.

7. Moon Geun Young (Goddess Of Fire-2013) – Pottery

It is a drama focused on making pottery and how Korea’s pottery skills became an instrumental source for Japan’s famous porcelain. As Actress Moon Geun Young has to depict the role of a ceramic artist, she started practicing pottery to enhance her performance and to give justice to the character. How amazing it is that the character’s skill eventually becomes the Actors skill!

8. Min Hyo Rin (Triple-2009)- Figure Skating

Eventually, the cold and the hot all become part of life, of a role. Actress Min

Hyo Rin vigorously trained skating on ice at least 10 hours a day to play the role of Lee Ha Ru. According to her then agency Hyo Rin didn’t have any previous experience, but the intense practice of months improved her ability. The actress expressed how she was hurt and had bruises, and at times, it was tiring, yet she was enthusiastic as it was also her debut project.

9. Lee Yu-Ri (The Singer-2020) –Pansori

Pansori is a Korean art of storytelling through music performed by singers and drummers. It has its unique singing style and is registered as UNESCO

Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity of Korea. Actress Lee Yoo Ri started learning and knowing more about Pansori from Director Jo Jung Rae and Pansori experts for her role in the film.

10. Lee Ji Eun, Also Known As IU (My Mister) - Sign Language

Words can be heard, and so does Gestures. Playing a role of a granddaughter to a Hearing impairment grandmother, Actress Lee Ji Eun started learning Sign Language for the scenes in Drama. However, the drama inspired her in such a way that she donated about 50 million won to the Seoul city deaf senior citizen support center. Any new character comes with inspiration and encouragement, and you never know how it can change your way.