Article: 10 Korean Divas Who Went For Surgery In Search Of Fame

The search for perfection never stops. Especially for celebrities, looking perfect comes with their brand. Many Korean celebrities have had surgeries to enhance their features and make themselves look unique in a particular way. This is also because of the beauty standards of Korea, which sometimes get a bit too extreme. Here is a list of 10 Korean Divas who had surgery to become more popular.

1. Park Min Young

Park Min Young is a famous actress popular for her roles in various drama series. She is known for her beautiful looks. She admitted to having plastic surgery done in 2010 in an interview with Sports Chosun. She talked about having eyelid surgery and getting a nose job as she was insecure during her high school years.


2. Park Bom

Park Bum is a well-known name in the Korean music industry. She is a famous musician known for her range and beautiful voice. She has had some noticeable changes in her face, and her fans and the general public noticed it. She has not discussed her surgery publicly, but fans speculate that she had chin surgery, nose job, lip fillers, and facelift done. Again, these are speculations as she has not opened up about her surgeries.


3. Yoo In Na

Yoo In Na is a popular name in Korean media. She is known as a talented actress famous for her good looks. Pictures of her younger self show some changes from her current avatar, leading many netizens to speculate that she has had surgeries. Rumours say that she has had nose lift, eyelid surgery, and jawline reshaping surgery. The actress herself has not issued any statement, so these are speculations from the netizens.


4. JooE

Momoland’s JooE, a famous musician, has admitted on a popular show KnowingBros that she had undergone surgery. She talked about having her ear cartilage shifted to the nose for a nose job. Fans loved her carefree way of talking about her surgery and that she was always happy and excited about everything. This news was met with some criticism but majorly had positive responses.


5. Kim Ye-Won

Actress and former K-pop idol, Kim Ye-Won, also admitted to having undergone plastic surgery. She underwent ear surgery in 2017 to recover her hearing. She caught an infection and had to have surgery on the ear. She also admitted to having a nose job on the show ‘We Got Married’ during a sequence with a fortune teller.


6. Hong Soo Ah

Hong Soo Ah recently opened about going under the knife. She talked about how it has made her more comfortable and happier with herself. She was admitted to a double eyelid surgery and said that her career got rejuvenated because of the surgery.


7. Jung Chae Yeon

The actress admitted to a double eyelid surgery and a nose job during her middle school years. She had earlier denied the speculations. However, netizens found a difference in her current and younger photos, which gave rise to the assumption of her having had plastic surgery.


8. Uee

The famous singer has had many plastic surgeries in the past, and recently she got another eyelid surgery done. Various fans and media outlets complimented the singer for her new look. However, a few fans were quite unhappy with her post-surgery look. Fans mentioned that they missed the old Uee while some preferred the new look.


9. Jessica Jung

SNSD member Jessica Jung got a few surgeries done on herself. The first is the nose job which is evident if you look at her pre-debut pictures. Other surgeries include having her jaw shape changed. There are also speculations about eye surgery, but she has never talked about it.


10. Jessica Ho

Jessi is a popular American-Korean singer who is famous among netizens for her bold and energetic personality. She easily becomes comfortable with people due to her friendly and outgoing nature. She admitted to having eye and nose surgery because her agency asked her to. She admitted that she regretted it. She also had lip surgery. She is very open about her surgeries as she is with every aspect of life. She has recently become more famous as she is experimenting with new music and variety of shows.