Article: Top 10 Most Loved Fictional Japanese Couples

Do you have a favorite on-screen couple? One that makes you smile like crazy and swoon when they have "moments" that you wouldn't mind discussing with your friends for hours on end? Be it a canon couple or one that just missed the mark, we do love holding these fictional relationships as the ideal for our romantic ventures. We also have looked up these characters on the Internet for more content or bonus clips because we just can't get enough. Well, the jury has voted, and here are the Top 10 Most Loved Fictional Japanese Couples in Movies. Ship on!

1. Train Man - Yamada, Hermes

The story follows computer geek Yamada who rescues a girl from a perverted drunk. The girl, grateful for his help, sends a set of Hermes teacups, which flusters him. He decides to ask his Internet friends for advice and pursues a relationship with her while blowing up the Internet with his story. This couple is extremely adorable and got several fans rooting for their pairing.


2. Hotarubi No Mori E - Gin, Hotaru

This animated short film needs no introduction. Following the story of Gin who grows up alongside Hotaru, an immortal spirit who would die if he touched a human, this film is an emotional heartbreaker and won the hearts of many fans with them wishing for a different ending where they remained together forever instead.


3. Nodame Cantabile - Chiaki, Nodame

This lovely show based on a manga series has messy pianist Nodame and professional and organized Chiaki, two opposites falling in love. Fans couldn't get enough of how beautifully portrayed this couple was in both the live drama as well as the anime. This two are certainly a crowd favorite.


4. Onna No Kunshou - Norika, Yashiro

This gorgeous and aesthetically satisfying show is based on the famous novel by Toyoko Yamasaki. Norika is a dressmaker who decides to start a school for the same in post-World War II Japan. This hit show is actually only 2 episodes in and already a fan favorite, with the star of the show being the couple Norika and Yashiro.


5. Your Name - Tachibana, Mitsuha

Everybody who is anybody has heard of the box office hit animated movie Your Name by Makoto Shinkai. This beautifully designed film follows the story of two soulmates born in separate times who switch bodies frequently and learn to grapple with each other's routines. Tachibana and Mitsuha are certainly an it-couple for anime lovers worldwide.


6. 1778 Stories Of Me And My Wife - Sakutara, Setsuko

This heartbreaking story is based on the real-life story of Taku Mayumura, a science fiction author, whose wife is diagnosed with terminal cancer. He writes her a short story every day till the day of her death. Fans kept rooting on till the end, wishing for a different ending to this couple. Needless to say, they have set the standard high for romance.


7. One Week Friends - Yuki, Kaori

This movie is a gem among rom-coms and follows the story of Yuki who is determined to be with Kaori, an amnesiac whose memory is wiped after a week every week. For fans of Hollywood rom coms like 50 First Dates, this film is a must-watch and you can't help but swoon over the ever-persistent and patient Yuki.


8. From Me To You - Sawako, Shota

Sawako is a typical schoolgirl who is ostracised by her Classmates because she resembles a horror series character. She then meets Shota who sees past all of that and can't help but fall head over heels in love with him. Based on the anime series Kimi ni Todoke, this movie is a must-watch and is sure to leave you heart-eyed and rooting for these two.


9. An Incurable Case Of Love - Kairi, Nanase

Nanase decides to become a nurse after falling in love at first sight with Dr. Kairi. When she finally meets him again, she learns of his cold personality. Watch as they dance around each other's feelings and Nanase manages to melt Dr. Kairi's heart layer by layer. We all love a bad boy who is soft only for his girl after all!


10. Zettai Kareshi - Night, Riiko

This romantic comedy follows the manga series Absolute Boyfriend. Riiko is just a typical woman looking to meet the love of her life- what does she get instead? A robot called Night who she keeps butting heads with! Viewers and fans just cannot help but fall in love with these two cute lovers, and can't help but want a robot boyfriend themselves!