Article: Top 10 Japanese Films Not Worth The Hype

Ever had a friend who bragged endlessly about their favorite movie, insisting that you just had to watch it, and then when you did, it turned out to be the most regrettable 2 hours of your life? We are sure that many of you share this sentiment. It is even worse when these movies are remakes of books or live-action remakes of your favorite shows growing up. The book/ show is always better than the movie after all. Well, the jury is out, and here are the Top 10 Japanese Films Not Worth The Hype, at least according to us.

1. Fullmetal Alchemist

This live-action remake of the popular manga series Fullmetal Alchemist fails at even inducing the most basic emotions. Fans remarked that it was nothing like the anime and the plot twists and points didn't provide the same thrill as the series. The movie also seemed too complicated for non-anime viewers to enjoy.


2. Attack On Titan

Another example of a failed anime brought to life, the Attack on Titan franchise follows man-eating creatures known as Titans. This movie series turned out to be a horrible adaptation of the celebrated anime series, with diligent fans choosing not to watch it for fear of it ruining their experience. Are they right in doing so?


3. Devilman

Based on the infamous manga series of the name, the series follows a demon who tries to heal the rift between humankind and his own race before an all-out war breaks out. Viewers felt that the graphics and animation didn't live up to their expectations and yet again claimed the manga was better and more detailed than the movie.


4. Stand By Me Doraemon

Based on the celebrated children's anime series Doraemon, Stand by me Doraemon was a decided hit among childhood fans and others, earning over $183.4 million in the box office. However, non-anime viewers felt the movie lacked substance and was just a hubbub of tangled-up plot points that never connected. What do you think?


5. Assassination Classroom

This live-action adaptation of the hit manga and anime series follows a class of high schoolers that have to kill their teacher, Korosensei before the end of the school year. Lots of fans felt the plot was too compressed and that the details of the manga required some screen time in order to truly develop the plotline.


6. Kiki's Delivery Service

This animated Studio Ghibli production features Kiki, a witch in charge of a famous courier service, who grapples with insecurity and imposter syndrome about the vast new uncharted territory before her. A few felt that it didn't live up to the standards of other Ghibli movies and the plot and lesson were too trivial.


7. Gintama

Another unsuccessful live-action remake, Gintama, based on the manga and anime series of the same title, follows a samurai on whom the fate of a world invaded by aliens rests. This film felt like an overhyped cosplay theatre play to some, while others didn't like the way the plot played out and felt it was too constricted, not allowing scope for imagination.


8. School Live!

Another adaptation flick, this film is based on the horror anime series of the same name. Fans were quick to criticize the plot points and did not find the movie as thrilling and mystery-ridden as the anime, some even claiming it to be a "fever dream". The anime is better than the movie, it seems!


9. Rashomon

This film follows the perspectives of four different protagonists regarding the murder of a samurai. Based on the eerie short story, In a groove by Ryunosuke Akutagawa, this film did not manage to live up to the hype that it had brought about. While one half of the populace regarded it as a cinematic masterpiece, another half felt the plot was bland at times and the film looked terrible in comparison to other black and white films of that era.


10. The Cat Returns

After saving a magical cat who turns out to be a prince, high schooler Haru is forced to marry the cat and is brought to his kingdom. Tim Brayton, a celebrated critic once claimed that this movie was one of the most disappointing films by Ghibli. This film certainly does not meet the standards of other classic Ghibli films but is considered a childhood favorite all the same.