Article: Top 10 Japanese Childhood Classics To Rewatch In 2022

The New Year is already here and you might feel that time is passing by in the blink of an eye. Since most of us are spending our days at home working or studying, we have a lot of time on our hands and have already started watching shows and dramas that are being hyped on the Internet. Shows and dramas that were released eons ago are being recognized presently as wistful childhood or teen memories as the rewatch culture has begun. Japanese anime and movies are also a huge part of this culture, and knowing this, here is a list of Top 10 Japanese Childhood Classics To Rewatch In 2022.

1. Spirited Away

Spirited Away is a very popular animated Studio Ghibli film that follows the story of ten-year-old Chihiro Ogino, who is the new kid in a neighborhood filled with Kami. An unfortunate event leads to a curse placed on her parents that turns them into pigs. Chihiro must now work in the witch's bathhouse to save her poor parents and herself.


2. Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves is a Studio Ghibli endeavor that was taken on by younger staff to allow for more opportunity. It is a sweet coming of age tale of two friends, Taku and Yutaka who harbor feelings for the new girl in class, Rikako, who has just moved in from Tokyo after her parents' divorce.


3. My Neighbour Totoro

My Neighbour Totoro needs little to no introduction, being one of the classic childhood movies we all can recall. It follows the tale of two girls, Satsuki and Mei, who currently live in a house that is closer to the hospital where their ailing mother is. They befriend a woodland spirit called Totoro.


4. Tales From Earthsea

Tales From Earthsea is based on the novel series by Ursula K. Le Guin and is another timeless classic.  Set in a kingdom where unusual and unaccounted happenings seem to be occurring, our protagonists are Arren, a prince, and Ged, a wizard, who decide to team up and find the root of these incidents.


5. When Marnie Was There

When Marnie Was There is a Studio Ghibli creation that follows the tale of a young girl Anna who has just moved into the wetlands to live with her relatives. She comes across a girl Marnie on one skirmish into a desolate house and slowly uncovers the truth about her own family.


6. The Wind Rises

The Wind Rises is a poignant film about the life of aviator Jiro Horikoshi and the story leading up to her creation, the infamous Mitsubishi A6M Zero. This story is also based on the manga series of the same by Tatsuo Hori and was the highest-earning Japanese film of its time.


7. Porco Rosso

Porco Rosso is the hilarious tale of Marco Pagot, ex-pilot of World War 1, who takes up the job of being a bounty hunter for alleged air pirates. When a mysterious happening turns him into a pig, Porco Rosso must now continue his job in this new form and unearth conspiracies with a threat to his life.


8. Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service is a wonderful film with a great lesson regarding self-doubt. It follows the story of a young witch who spends a year at a homely seaside town and starts a broom courier shop. But when she suddenly loses her powers due to her insecurity, she must find a way to get them back.


9. Castle In The Sky

Castle In The Sky is a picturesque film about the luscious fictional city of Laputa, found in the stretches of the sky. It tells the tale of a girl Sheeta who is being chased by vicious air pirates who comes across a boy Pazu and they both retreat to Laputa, unaware of the pirates' evil ambitions regarding the city.


10. Ponyo

Ponyo is the adorable heartwarming tale of a young boy who rescues a little goldfish and keeps her as a pet. One day he discovers that she has turned herself into a human girl and they both go about playing with each other, but the consequences of this slowly start appearing throughout the end.