Article: 10 K Dramas About Road Trips

Sometimes Korean dramas are shot in breathtaking locations that the audiences can not afford to forget. These dramas got shot in scenic spots. The plot and background will make you want to travel and experience the beauty of the location yourself. These dramas will leave you mesmerized by their backdrops.

1. Lovers In Paris

The series is about a quirky international student in Paris meeting a calm boy. She gets hired as a housekeeper. She gets told later to act as his fiancee. The streets of Paris will fascinate you.

2. Only You

The series is about a girl going to Italy to pursue her dream of becoming a chef. She can go there with the help of her friend who is in love with her. She meets a man there, and they spend a night together. The girl is shocked to find out that she is pregnant.

3. Spring Waltz

The series is about a girl winning a trip to Austria and meeting a pianist living there. They both have a history since childhood and are reluctant to fall in love.

4. Extraordinary Attorney Woo

The story is about an autistic lawyer with unbelievable skills for solving cases. The team of lawyers takes a trip to Jeju for a lawsuit which soon turns out to be a much-needed holiday.

5. The Package

The story is about a quirky tourist and a tour guide in Paris. They start on the wrong foot but get along as they roam in the city of romance.

6. Dear My Friends

The series is set in Europe and shows a contrast between young and aging people’s friendships. They get along as they have a similar understanding of life.

7. Black Knight

The series is about a tour guide traveling abroad for the first time. She meets a charming man, and she has been looking for him for years.

8. Devilish Joy

The series is about an actress shooting in China and escaping the set to live a free life. She ends up on a deserted island, and a doctor helps her to fight the goons.

9. The K2

The series is about a man who becomes a bodyguard for a politician’s daughter after getting accused of killing his lover. Some scenes of the series got shot in Spain.

10. Legends Of The Blue Sea

The series is about a mermaid falling in love with a Prince from a past life. She takes the form of a human to lure him. Some memorable scenes of the series got shot in Spain.