Article: Thai Celebrities Who Became Judges In Reality Shows

Thai reality shows have become very popular in Asian countries. Even Thai actors are getting a chance to appear internationally. Inviting Celebrities to reality Tv Shows to become judge happens everywhere. So this time, we have ten Thai celebrities who became a judge in reality Tv Shows.

1. Zizan Razak

Razizan Abdul Razak is a Malaysian actor, singer, and comedian. He was the first runner-up of season one of the shows 'Awesome Raja Lawak.' Zizan Razak is well-known for his roles in the superhero comedy movie 'Kapoww!!: Atoi The Ajaib Boy' (2010), horror comedy 'Hantu Bonceng (2011), KL Gangster (2011), Mael Lambong (2012), and Abang Long Fadil (2014). Zizan replaces Aznil Haji as a co-host of Academy Fantasia season 10.


2. Ramli MS

Ramli bin Mohd Salleh, or Ramli MS, is a well-known Malaysian musician and former judge of the Reality show Academy Fantasia seasons 2 and 6. Ramli performed in many concerts, award shows, and an orchestra like Music Industry Awards, Aungerah Juara Lagu orchestra (AJL), and Berita Harian's Popular Star Awards. The selection of his name for the role of a judge in Academy Fantasia caused many to mention it. Ramli also starred in the movie 'Mat Bond Malaya' (2021).


3. Ogy Ahmad Daud

Fauziah Ogy Dato Ahmad Daud i a Malaysian actor, singer, host, and director. He is the son of singer and actor Dato Ahmad Daud. He played a role in the success of the reality show Academy Fantasia in seasons 5, 6, and 9. Ogy starred in movies like Magic (2010), Azura (2012), Trail of Warriors (2015), Sky of Love (2016), Heirloom (2019), and Asrar (2022).


4. King Azura

Raja Azura Tenguku Ahmad Tajudin, known as Raja Azura (KE), is a well-known Malaysian actor, comedian, singer, entertainer, and radio presenter. She also won the award of The Most Trusted Radio Presenter in 2020 by Reader's Digest. She became the host of the eleventh season of the Reality show Academy Fantasia.


5. Cris Horwang

Celine Horwang, or Cris, is a Thai singer, actress, presenter, and choreographer. She played the lead role in the romantic comedy 'Bangkok Traffic Love Story' in 2009. Other movies Cris starred in include Headshot (2011), Choice (2013), Seven Something (2012), and The Life of Gravity (2014). In 2018, she became a judge in the famous reality show, The Face Thailand and a guest judge in Drag Race Thailand (season 1).


6. Ning Baizura

Ning Baizura Sheikh Hamzah is a Malaysian pop singer and actress. She sings in Malay, Japanese, English, Italian, French, Cantonese, and Mandarin. She became a judge in the Thai reality tv show Academy Fantasia.


7. Pornchita Na Songkhla

Pornchita na Songkhla, born in 1980, is a Thai actress. She is known for her roles in Maid (2004), Sud Ken Saen Ruk (2015), and Zapp (2006). She is also known for being the judge in the reality Tv show Thailand's Got Talent for seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.


8. Aliza Abdullah

Aliza Abdullah, or Enot, is a Thai actor and comedian. He started becoming famous in 2000 through the comedy series Mat Despatch. Enot was a regular judge in the Thai Reality comedy competition 'Raja Lawak' in 2008. He also starred in Thai dramas like Guard Commando (2022) and 'The Woman Belonging to Mr. Son' (2022).


9. Shamsul Ghau Ghau

Shamsul Azahr Aliddin, or Shamsul Ghau Ghau, is a Malaysian actor, singer, host, and comedian. He became famous through the show Sinaran Passport Kagemilang.  Shamsul was a member of the Scenario Group. He was one of the three regular critics (judges) of the reality show Raja Lawak in season 3 (2009). He also starred in movies like Uninvited Love Spy (2021), 30 Days Before Raya (2022), and Behind Him (2022).


10. Pangina Heals

Pan Pan Narkprasert, or Pangina Heals, is a Thai drag queen. She is also the judge of the Thai reality show Drag Race Thailand and later competed on RuPaul's Drag Race in 2022. Pangina Heals is one of the well-known drag performers in Asia.