Article: Top 10 Thai Movies Which Tasted Success Without Many Promotions

The Film Industry is a cold business with no slack for new movies. Filmmakers have to come up with new strategies for promoting movies besides having an interesting plot. New movies with a new cast especially have it rough compared to the others, as they have to prove their mettle to make it amongst the big league. Movies that hire megastars attract media attention easily, however, and these Top 10 Thai Movies Which Tasted Success Without Many Promotions can reaffirm the same.

1. The Protector 2

The first movie of the same had established itself quite well with several remakes made in nations like India and the US, which is why the sequel did not have to be promoted much for it to catch the eye of eager audiences. It follows Kham who has suddenly been accused of murdering an elephant trafficker.


2. Fan Chan

Fan Chan is an adorable nostalgic movie about childhood love and did not need much promotion to attract attention because of this. Fans spread the word like wildfire and this movie ended up being a celebrated Thai classic among the greats and a definite must-watch.


3. The Con Heartist

The Con Heartist follows a heartbroken and resentful bank employee who was swindled out of a huge amount of money by her ex-boyfriend and chooses to exact revenge by taking the help of a con man. This hit movie did not need much promotion as it starred Nadech Kugimaya, a celebrated face of Thailand.


4. Tootsies & The Fake

Tootsies And The Fake is a remake of the popular TV show Diary of Tootsies that had won over audiences for its lighthearted and hilarious plot. Hence it needed no introduction and saw fans thronging from far and wide. Starring megastar Araya A Hargate, this movie became a box office hit.


5. 2gether: The Movie

This movie was a continuation of the Thai show 2gether: The Series which was a hit among audiences, which is why it was no surprise that this movie was religiously watched by doting fans. Since this movie shows the point of view of charming fan-favorite Sarawat, fans just had to see it!


6. Ong Bak 2

All Thai film freaks are very familiar with the action classic movie Ong Bak, starring martial artist Tony Jaa. Ong Bak is almost a household name in Thailand, so when there were talks of a prequel, fans were all in and ready to watch it, so there was not much of a promotional struggle.


7. Suddenly 20

Suddenly 20 follows the story of an old lady who finds herself 20 years old again. With a similar plot to Hollywood movie 13 going on 30, this movie did not require many promotional costs because of the main lead character who was played by illustrious megastar Mai Davika.


8. I Fine... Thank you, Love you

This hilarious film follows a man who is dumped by his American girlfriend because they cannot speak each other's languages. Wanting to win back the love of his life, he signs up for English classes but things don't quite go as he planned. The Lost In Translation-like plot is probably why this movie became a very big hit without many publicity stunts.


9. The Teacher's Diary

The Teacher's Diary is a swoon-worthy romance of a teacher who falls in love with his predecessor at the school, whom he has never even met. This film caught the eyes of the public because it starred actress Chermarn Boonyasak who has had several hit films like The Love of Siam.


10. Shutter II

Shutter II is the remastered version of the megahit horror-thriller Shutter. Shutter had already created an uproar among horror film fan bases with even a Hollywood remake of the same name. Hence it seems redundant to note that fans watched keenly for any bits of news about this movie.