Article: Top 10 Cool Advertisements Featuring Japanese Stars


Advertisements are made to attract new customers and increase the company's sales. And in the majority of the advertisements, either film stars, sportspeople, singers, or any famous personality features. It is because having fame means having a voice that is listened to by the people. When they see their favorite stars using the products, they tend to get attracted and want to use the same products. This technique is the most effective way for companies to increase their sales. So, let's check out a few advertisements featuring Japanese stars.

1. Armani Exchange ft. Kento Yamazaki

Armani, the name itself needs no introduction. Giorgio Armani is the founder of the brand, Armani is an Italian-based global luxury fashion universe. Kento Yamazaki is a famous Japanese actor and model who became the first-ever Japanese actor to feature in the AX Armani Exchange advertising campaign for the third time in a row. The theme of the advertisement was "Music." The commercial has had some creative dynamics, colors, lighting, and vibe. These are all the elements of a successful marketing strategy.


2. Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Ft. Kento Nagayama

Chugai Pharmaceutical produces medical products and provides medical services to the world for people's betterment. They recently dropped their commercial starring Kento Nagayama who is a well-known actor. He has worked in many films, television series, and dramas. In the advertisement, he was shown as a researcher. And the message behind the commercial was to create new medicines to protect as many lives as possible.


3. Lotte Fit’s Ft. Takeru Sato

Lotte Fit’s is a Japan-based gum manufacturing company. Takeru Sato and Nozomi Sasaki got featured in Fit's commercial. In the commercial, they danced around Tokyo and ate Fit's gum. Commercials like these are easily memorable because of their catchy music and dance.


4. Mister Donut Ft. Masaki Suda

Mister Donut is a leading international chain of the donut-producing company, founded by Harry Winokur in 1956. Masaki Suda is a singer and an actor, who got featured in the Mister Donut commercial. The brand's jingle in the commercial is  "There’s always something good inside the box.”


5Baskin Robbins Ft. Yamada Ryosuke

Baskin Robbins is a chain of ice creams and cakes producing multinational company founded by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins in 1945. It has around 1000 outlets in Japan, and they feature famous Japanese actors in its promotional campaign. Yamada Ryosuke is a well-known singer and performer featured in the Baskin Robins or the 31 Ice Creams commercial. In the commercial, Ryosuke enjoys ice cream and cake with some kids at a party.


6. Choco Monako Jumbo Ft. Nishijima Takahiro

Choco Monaka Jumbo is an ice cream product in Japan. It was first introduced as Choco Monaka in 1972. But now, it has become a standard Monaka ice cream in Japan. Nishijima Takahiro got featured in the commercial along with Chisa, where they exchanged Choco Monaka Jumbo in their wedding instead of wedding rings.


7. Amazon Prime Ft. Mamoru Miyano

Mamoru Miyano is a Japanese actor and voice artist. He is famously known for his work in Death Note, Steins; Gate, etc. Recently, he featured in a series of commercials for the Amazon Prime Videos. He appeared to promote the Anime content available on the platform. In the commercial, he was shown as a king talking about all the qualities of the Ranking Of Kings Anime.


8. Meiji Chocolate Ft. Jun Matsumoto

Meiji Chocolate is an iconic chocolate brand operating in Japan for over a century. Jun Matsumoto is a singer, actor, host, and TV personality. He got featured in the Meiji milk chocolate commercial. In the advertisement, he hides behind a panel made out of Meiji chocolate bars. The panel keeps switching one after another, revealing Matsumoto, but soon he was interrupted by an alien, John.


9. Gu Ft. Sota Fukushi

GU is a Japanese clothing brand that has more than 422 outlets across Japan and offers affordable and trendy clothes and accessories to people. For its commercial, several actors with Sota Fukushi got featured, and the theme of the commercial was “GAME? Fashi ON!”, It means there's a game-like fantasy-filled world where you can switch fashions with just a fingertip.


10. Hada Nature Ft. Tomohisa Yamashita

Hada Nature is a Japanese cosmetics brand. Tomohisa Yamashita got featured in the promotional campaign of the brand. In the advertisement, they followed the theme of reincarnation. They shot the commercial with virtual production, which combines LED Display, real-time engine, and camera tracking.