Article: 10 Most New Innovative Japanese Directors

A creative and innovative person always stands tall and different, be it in any field. Directing is one such field. Some orthodox directors follow the things that were being practiced for years. But then came a few creative minds, filled with different ideas and added a new dimension to the profession of directing. The movies directed by creative directors offer something new to the viewers, due to which they receive a lot of appreciation. Here are some of the latest Japanese directors who are very innovative:

1. Tadashi Tsukagoshi

He was born in 1979 and studied illustration, animation, graphic design, photography, and three-dimensional CG from Tama Art University. He joined Tohokushinsha film corporation, a production company. He decided to enter this field after he met director, Shinya Nakajima. The best film directed by him is Pedigree.


2. Naoto Nakanishi

Comics influences his art of directing, and he is a very creative director. He never studied anything related to filmmaking, as he majored in architecture. He joined a film company as a production manager. Soon he debuted as a director in 2007, and since then, he has given a lot of exciting movies to the audience.


3. Takafumi Tsuchiya

He is a director with P.I.C.S and is more interested in the new forms of expression. He has received recognition for his work from different parts of the globe. This innovative director won a creativity award at Cannes Lions International Festival for his movie, Mori building Roppongi Hills – Tokyo City Symphony in 2013.


4. Yukihiro Shoda

Yukihiro Shoda is a freelance director famous for his creativity with colors. He has a different style of depicting live-action, which adds many stars to the movies. He studied engineering and design at the Kyoto Institute of Technology. He directed a short masterpiece named Blind.


5. Eiji Tanigawa

This director has the talent to combine traditional visual expressions with new technology. Based in Tokyo, he is known widely for his work and has worked in many music videos and short films. People want to see his movies for his innovation.


6. Ryō Hirano

This 1988 born director holds a degree in information and design. His area of interest is everyday events, love, and ghosts. Managed by Foghorn, he is more interested in animated works and won a new face award at the Japan media arts festival for his latest music video named Hietsuki Bushi.


7. Hideaki Anno

He is known as the king of directing live action in Anime. In 2016 he created a new generation Godzilla and made a movie with a very abstract theme in which he symbolizes tsunami at Thoko and nuclear blast at Fukushima. He received a lot of appreciation for this animated movie.


8. Takashi Kitano

This director is the face behind a lot of Tarantino-esque yakuza films. He makes fantastic gangster and action movies. Two men were holding guns in his film, which was considered iconic. His best works are Violent Cop (1989), Boiling Point (1990), and Sonatine (1993), which also got him international recognition.


9. Kiyoshi Kurosawa

Kurosawa is known for adding an innovative touch to horror movies. He has given some of the best Japanese horror movies like Pulse and Dark water, which received a lot of appreciation from the west and later got an English remake. He won a lot of awards for his movies. He is also an expert in making family dramas.


10. Takeshi Miike

He has directed over 100 films and is the master of making samurai and horror movies. He is recognized internationally and has collaborated with many other directors to create incredible movies. His best work is the 1999 movie Audition gave the viewers a spine-chilling experience.