Article: Top 10 Most Unlikable Protagonists In C-Dramas 

In C-dramas, most protagonists are disliked by the audience because of the character written. As C-dramas are becoming popular, the expectations of teh audience are increasing.  It is very predictable in C-drama, so listed below are some unlikable protagonists.

1. JinMi From Ashes Of Love

Jinmi, played by Yang Zi from Ashes of Love, is one of the most unlikable Protagonists in C-dramas. She has a curse given by her mother that she can't be in love or nobody will fall in love with her. But in the whole drama, she is mourning about the same thing again and again. A lot of the audience find her very cringe and annoying.

2. Xu Feng From Ashes Of Love

Ashes of Love is that drama where most audiences hated female and male leads. Xu Feng, played by Deng Lun, is one of the most annoying male lead characters ever written. In just ten episodes, he has strick her twice. He has used his power inaccurately by transforming her into things that he finds amusing by hitting her until she cries in pain. Disgusting.

3. Dao Ming Si From Meteor Garden 

We all have to agree that in all the versions of Boys Over Flowers, the second lead deserves the female lead. Back then, we loved the characters of Dao Ming Si, played by Dylan Wang from Meteor Garden. Now, we understand how toxic he was with the female lead. His forcing nature on her was disgusting to look at it now.

4. Jiang Yicheng From Cute Programmer 

Jiang Yicheng, played by Xing Zhao Lin from Cute Programmer, is one of the characters that should not exist. First, he was forced to get married, and it was a situation where one would lose their mind. But why does only the female lead have to suffer? He gets jealous and uses harsh words on his partner. He doesn’t care about her at all but gets irritated when someone else does. Bipolar.

5. Hua Rong From The Romance Of Hua Rong 

Hua Rong, played by Zhao Zhao Yi from The Romance Of Hua Rong, is another unlikable female lead who didn't sit well with the audience. Hua Rang was constantly screaming and made the audience's headache double. She was seen behaving like a kid, which for her character is unsuitable.

6. Ke Si Yi From Love Unexpected 

Ke Si Yi, played by Qi Yan Di from Love Unexpected, is one of the most unlikeable female protagonists. She is one of the annoying characters and gaslights the male lead. Ke Si Yi sold his company information to the enemy. And made the male lead believe it was for his benefit. And on the other hand, she is happily talking with the enemy.

7. Ling Yi Zhao From Well-Intended Love 

Ling Yi Zhao, played by Xu Kaicheng from Well-Intended Love, is one of the red flags to ever exist in C-drama. It’s about how he and the female lead get into a contract marriage. But what he did to the female lead is illegal, and that doctor should face straight jail.

8. Bai Zi Hua From The Journey Of The Flower 

Bai Zhi Hua, played by Wallace Huo from The Journey Of The Flower, is another male protagonist that the audience doesn’t like. I don’t know why it is a concept made in drama that if a boy likes a girl, he just bullies her so that she can pay attention to him. Like seriously, Bai Zhi Hua was abusive to the female lead from still and does not have the guts to say he likes her.

9. Shen Jin From General’s Lady 

Shen Jin, played by Tang Min from General’s Lady C-drama, is one of the spoiled characters as a female lead. She's everything the audience hates. Jealous, childish, ignorant, and even in simple circumstances, can not use her brain.

10. Bai Youning From My Roommate Is A Detective

Bai Youning, played by Xiao Yan from My Roommate Is A Detective, is another unlikable female lead that didn't sit well with the audience. Her role as a reporter was not well executed, and I don’t know why C-dramas show their female lead so dumb.