Article: Top 10 Chinese Mythical Series

When talking about mythical series or drama, Chinese entertainment has tons of amazing and beautiful stories with really amazing plots. Chinese mythical series never fail to meet viewers' expectations. This genre of Chinese drama is way beyond words and tags. Whether you are a regular viewer or a new one to discover, you will surely encounter some of the best drama of your life. Chinese mythical fantasy dramas can captivate the viewer till the end. Today we sorted out some of the best top 10 Chinese mythical series.

1. Eternal Love

The youngest daughter of fox king Fox Bai Qian, is brought to Kunlun Mountain to become a disciple of the God of War, Mo Yuan, who sacrifices his life in a war to seal the demon lord. Later on, after 70thousands years when the demon lord tries to destroy the world again, Bai Qian risks her life too but ends up in a mortal world to regain her powers and memories. Here she met Ye Hua and both fell in love with each other. Soon they gain their immortality and powers,  but the situation unfolds unfavorably for their love. Watch this classic hit to find how their lives are interlaced and how they reunite their love together.


2. Ashes Of Love

The drama is adapted from the web novel "Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost. The Floral deity princess Jin My was born to suffer severe trials in love. Her fate was sealed with hardships and to protect the girl from these hardships, her mother gave the infant a magical pill before her death, which would seize the little girl's emotions. The fire deity Xu Feng was trapped in a trap of enemies where Jin Mi saved his life and both fell in love with each other but along with this there is a love triangle too. The story is full of twists and traps which will enable the viewer till the end.


3. Ever Night

Based on Mao Ni's novel with the same name " Ever Night" is a story set in the historical background of China, where a boy whose family was slaughtered ruthlessly to death, but the boy managed to escape from the place and came back to get the due justice for his family, but things tangled up when he met a girl whom he dug out from underground. Watch how he took his revenge or became someone he didn't want to.


4. General And I

The story was set in between four ruling clans: Jin, Yan, Liang and Qin with endless clashes within each other. In the middle of all the clans, Jin and Yan stood against each other in which the Jin clan was dragged down. Furthermore, Jin's clan prince-general Chu Bei Jie asked for help from another clan for revenge but soon found himself in love with the rival clan's clever strategist Bai Ping Ting. Now both are amid loyalty towards clan and love. A story with mythical love and challenges is a good watch on the list.


5. Princess Agents

A story strongly showing a female lead in focus. If you are someone who enjoys a female lead in power, then this mythical drama offers you the best. The female lead in the drama is wholesome, quick wit, brilliant, a skilled fighter, extremely loyal and poses a high level of determination. The story is set in Wei, where the weak are tortured by the riches or high powers. Our female lead is also a victim of this cruelty, but luckily she was saved by a prince, and then she learns and adapts herself in a bloody war for power. The drama was such a big hit that the trailer crossed 1billion views. A must-watch in the list.


6. Scarlet Heart

The story is based upon a time-travelling plot, where a young woman gets into an accident and ends up in the body of a 16-year-old girl in the historic period. After knowing her real identity she convinced her not to get into any royal trap but eventually falls in love with royal esteem. See this amazing story filled with action and love.


7. Legend Of Fu Yao

With a special story regarding her birth Fu Yao, an orphan is served wrong by the high powers of the Taiyuan kingdom. After a sad series of happenings, she started to travel to enlighten her life from the darkness of the curses but soon she met the crown prince of the Taiyuan and both fell in love. Later on, the prince helped her in taking her revenge as well as fighting against political parties in the kingdom. A strong female, an impressive story plot and a beautiful love story are all the drama offers. One of the best mythical plot dramas.


8. Nirvana In Fire Series

Since its release, this drama has kept winning the hearts of all the viewers who watched this series. Exceptionally amazing and mind-blowing drama often compared with Games of thrones, now you can see the death of the drama's popularity. A drama series with revenge and betrayal showing the most jumbled part of Chinese history. The drama focused on the chaos created while in the Northern and Southern Dynasties. The drama will surely give you goosebumps. A must watch for sure.


9. The Untamed

Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji, the two most talented and skilled disciples of their respected clans encountered in cultivation training. They somehow found a secret hidden for years. As per their vows, the oath to get rid of the threats to the world. But on turning events Wei Wu Xian died but after 16 Xian is brought back to life by self-sacrificing ritual. He hid behind a mask to conceal his identity and met Lan Wang Ji again to help him get rid of the hidden secrets and events that occurred in the past. Certainly, an excellent drama with a lot of twists and suspense.


10. The Romance Of Tiger And Rose

If you are a fan of reincarnation type plots then this drama is for you. A young screenwriter Chen Xiao Qian soon was writing a script for a drama but the male lead refused to work for her script. Saden by the behaviour of the male lead she determines to work more hard on her series but she while taking a nap transferred into her script as the extra character of the third princess, who was destined to be killed. But she has decided to live on and to pull every effort to stay alive in the hope to return to her real world. A promising drama with a modern theme is fascinating enough for a watch.


The spellbound magic these dramas create is different from others. The atmosphere you will feel while watching them is breathtaking. You can see yourself emerging in the plot and story and can experience the emotions as if you are one of them. All these dramas are some of the best and worth your time. Not only will you love the plot lead but also the amazing and deep acting of the actors will surely blow you off!