Article: Top 10 C-Drama With 20 Episodes

In the realm of Chinese drama, a series with 20 episodes is a unique gem that allows further exploration of storylines and characters, giving the viewers a broad narrative to appreciate. This C-drama balances curiosity, complex plotlines, and romance with their 20 episodes run, developing an unforgettable viewing experience. Through this article, we will look into the top 10 Chinese dramas that include 20-episode format, providing a fascinating journey into the world of Chinese entertainment. These series have successfully demonstrated the stories and characters within the 20-episode format, making them a popular choice for people who enjoy an extensive and interesting account. Let’s find out those remarkable Chinese dramas with 20 episodes that have left a lasting mark on the genre.

1. Well-Intended Love

Well-Intended Love is a 2019 series portraying the story of Xia Lin, a third-rate actress who has leukemia and requires an urgent assistance. To survive and continue her career, she needs urgent bone marrow transplant, for which she gets into a secret marriage with a CEO, Ling Yi Zhou. Despite the misunderstandings and conspiracies they had to go through, the two find true love in each other.

2. Medical Examiner Dr. Xin

The assistant of Qin Ming resigned because of his intolerable and short temper. The instructions were given that Li Di Bao from the Mark Inspection Department to join the working group. Qin Min does not trust the girl in the beginning. However, once he learns about her, she has an excellent observation skills and reasoning. The tough Qin decides to bring her on board. Qin, along with his assistant Li Di Bao and his detective friend Lin Tao, uncover numerous bizarre cases together.

3. With You

With You is a series that tells the tale of Chinese military and civilians during the fight against COVID-19 via narrative atoms. During the battle against the pandemic, there were workers like military doctors, medical teams, Vehicle volunteers, disease control, young volunteers, public security personnel, etc. These ordinary people have made an unfathomable impact in the battle against the epidemic and are the primary force fighting it in every aspect of society nationwide. With You is a 2020 series with 20 episodes.

4. The Night Of The Comet Season 2

Lin Sen He is a man with a sharp mind who has been a mastermind in businesses since he was a little kid. He is already an imperative CEO at the age of 30. Bai Xiao Xin is a 20-year-old drama queen. In contrast to day, and night, the two of them cross each other’s paths when Bai Xiao Xin takes a job on the show of Lin Sen He. However, an accident occurs and Lin Sen He gets sucked into a constantly shifting time and space while trying to save Bai Xiao Xin.

5. Very Star

Very Star is a 2019 series where, according to the Hakura tradition, the newborn baby gets strengthened with an array of skills to maintain the superiority of the genes. Luo Lei, the princess, is born with hidden powers and fantastic beauty. The planet is suddenly in danger. To keep Ah Luo Lei safe, her parents send her to Earth along with their secrets and Ella and Melia. There, Ash Luo Lei, the alien girl, encounters numerous bad things that involve murders, conspiracies, etc. She meets Li Jin Yu, and both fall in love.

6. I'm So Pretty

Young girls who desire to make it to the top fashion group attend a strange makeup school. Every student at Mary Academy strives to master the art of beauty. There is turmoil on the school grounds as a newbie, Lin Xi, and Song Shiyao, the transfer students, arrive. They form a beauty community with Huang Zhengyu and Xiao Zhu, competing against other schools to be the best.

7. Die Now

University student Xia Chi belongs to the school's organization of intellectual reasoning. His skills will be put to the test when Qing Zhi, his girlfriend, unexpectedly vanishes. As a result of Xia Chi's search for Qing Zhi, he and his friend Ming Qin get pulled into a dangerous alternate gaming world where they have to use their greater intelligence and problem-solving abilities to conquer obstacles and move on to the next stage. Die Now is a wicked group that controls the gaming industry.

8. Miss Gu Who Is Silent

Miss Gu Who is Silent is a 2020 series where Gu Xing Zhou decides to change her name and hide her identity to ease her sorrow over her brother’s passing. Gu Xing Zhou tries to take revenge on those who wronged her brother. However, Gu Xing Zhou ends up getting trapped and becomes the pawn of a person who has been already handling the situation of her brother. The series consists of 20 episodes with thriller, psychological, mystery, and romance genres.

9. Your Highness

Your Highness is a 2017 series depicting Qin Zhan, a devoted player of well-known online games i.e., New Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils. Time travel allows Qin Zhan to get into the game he has been playing for the  past ten years, where he gains some fantastic powers. He also sets himself as the t op opponent in the martial arts community, where he must deal with the risks and plots that will come in his way. It is a series mixed with comedy, fantasy, and romance genres.

10. My Handsome Roommate

My Handsome Roommates is a series that tells the tale of Mo Yi, who is upset about her love life and career, accidentally reunites with her childhood contributor You Yu. She does not anticipate that You Yu is from another place and time. However, they start living together, assisting one another in their personal growth, and developing feelings for each other. Their destiny's gears are turning once again. It is a 2021 series directed by Ma She Gi, which consists of comedy, fantasy, and romance genres with a total of 20 episodes.