Article: Top 10 Love Affairs Of Korean Actresses With Sportsmen

The Korean pop world is super secretive when it comes to dating and relationships. They do not show off their love in public or get papped easily but few relationships get confirmed that involve a Korean idol dating a fellow celebrity or music director. But the idol dating a sportsman or athlete- someone outside the Korean industry is a rare instance yet it does happen many times. Some relationships end after some time while few get ahead and result in marriage. Do not believe? Below are a few pieces of evidence to open your eyes.

1.  Park So-Yeon Of T-Ara And Football Player Cho Yu-Min

Soyeon, a former member of T-ara surprised her fans on January 18 when she announced getting married to football player Cho Yu-min after dating for three years. Soyeon, 34, and Yu-min, 25 have an age difference of 9 years. They both were very private about their relationship and make it public directly with the announcement of their marriage. The management agency of Soyeon, Think Entertainment, also released the statement on the same day explaining that they will get married in November after Cho ends his season game with his team, Suwon FC.


2. Yuri Of Girls’ Generation And Baseball Star Oh Seung-Hwan

Dispatch, a Korean news website, released various images of Yuri of Girls’ Generation with Oh Seung-hwan in April 2015. The photos showed them spending time together, shopping, and even Seung-hwan gifting her a shopping bag filled with gifts. This news became quite a sensation at that time. Soon after this incident, the entertainment agency of Yuri at that time, SM Entertainment, confirmed that the couple were dating for five months and they met each other through a friend at a party in 2014. But unfortunately, later in October 2015, the couple broke up because of their busy schedules.


3. Minah Of Girl’s Day And Football Player Son Heung-Min

The Fact, a Korean media outlet, reported in July 2014 that Minah of Girl’s Day and Premier League football player Son Heung-min was spotted on dates. Paparazzi photographed them at Gangnam Station and Han River Park. Minah was even seen holding a bouquet. When asked from her agency DreamT they refused it at first but then they confirmed that they had both been dating for 3 months. But sooner there was news of them breaking up due to the busy schedule of Son because of his game and activities of Minah with her Girl’s Day. According to another news source Koreaboo, throughout their whole relationship, they managed to meet only twice.


4. Hyerim Of Wonder Girls And Taekwondo Star Shin Min-Chul

Member of Wonder Girls, Hyerim dated Taekwondo star Shin Min-chul dated for seven years before publicly announcing their relationship in the reality show, Don’t Be Jealous. They shared the story of their first meeting: the taekwondo coach of Shin and the father of Hyerim, who also practices Taekwondo made dinner plans in which they decided to bring both of them to the dinner. A few months later announced publicly, Hyerim and Shin got married in a private ceremony. Ther both are expecting their first child which they announced back in October 2021.


5. Park Jung Ah And Golfer Jeon Sang Woo

In March 2012, former Jewelry member Park Jung Ah released her official statement about her love affair with their golfer Jeon Sang Woo. And later that evening her agency, WM Company confirmed it by saying that they had both been dating for three months. They both met each other through a common friend. After dating for a year and five months, they both officially married on May 15, 2016. At the ceremony, Jung Ah was very happy and greeted the media with a large smile on her face. She told the media that her husband proposed to her with a handwritten letter. On September 5, her new agency Jellyfish Entertainment announced that she is pregnant with her first child.


6. Sung Yu-Ri And Golfer Ahn Sung Hyun

Sung Yu-Ri started her journey in the entertainment industry after debuting with the K-pop girl group, Fin.K.L in 1998. They became very famous and received much appreciation and awards. But in 2002, the band broke and Yu-ri made her debut as an actress in Bad Girls and continued with her actress journey. She started dating a professional South Korean golfer, Ahn Sung Hyun in 2013. Four years later they got married in a private ceremony in Hawaii.  On 16th July 2021, she announced her pregnancy with twins in a heartfelt letter.


7. Hwang Jung Eum And Professional Golfer Lee Young Don

The romantic relationship between Hwang Jung Eum and Lee Young Don was caught when they were seen dating on 8th December 2015. They met each other through a common friend and were open about their feelings from the beginning. The agency of Jung Eum also confirmed their relationship immediately. Eum also dated Kim Yong Jun from SG Wannabe but they broke up after seven years. Jung Eum and Young Don tied their sacred knot at the beginning of 2016 after dating for a year. She gave birth to a baby boy in August 2017.


8. Han Hye Jin And Soccer Player Ki Sung Yueng

Actress Han Hye Jin and professional soccer player Ki Sung Yueng announced their romantic relationship in March 2013. The couple got married in the same year in July at the Intercontinental Hotel Seoul. They are a very famous couple in Korea. Hye Jin has known for her exceptional acting in the top dramas and her husband Ki Sung Yueng is a football player who took part in the English Premier League and serves as a captain of the South Korean National Team. Hye Jin announced that she was pregnant in February 2015 with her first child. They currently live in Korea.


9. Shoo And Basketball Player Im Hyo Sung

Im Hyo Song is a professional basketball player and Shoo is a former member of S.E.S. They got married in April 2010. Hyo Song revealed in Roommate 2 that she admired Shoo a lot and had her poster in her room and manifested of marrying her one day. He approached her through his best friend. Shoo had put him down a lot but Hyo Song had not given up and here we are with the cutest couple with three children.


10. Jisoo And Football Player Son Heung Min

After breaking up with Minah, Son Heung Min dated Blackpink member Jisoo. Jisoo was spotted at the stadium supporting Tottenham Hotspur players who were competing in the English Premier League in 2019. Later, Jisoo and Heung Min flew to Paris from South Korea on the same day. They also wore couple bracelets. However, Jisoo’s agency, YG Entertainment denied their relationship and asked not to spread any rumors.