Article: Chinese Celebrities Who Have Been Caught With Drug

There have been many celebrities involved in drugs throughout the entertainment world, some more than others. Follow this article to know about some Chinese stars who have also stumbled down this road.

1. Jaycee Chan

Jaycee Chan is the son of the renowned actor and martial arts specialist Jackie Chan. He is an American-born Chinese celebrity. Jaycee is well versed in music and can sing, compose, write lyrics and play a few different instruments. On September 15, 2004, Jaycee released his first music CD titled “Jaycee.” In 2014, he got arrested by the cops for the possession of marijuana. The police had confiscated over 100gms of the substance from Jaycee’s apartment. He got sentenced to six months of prison for housing drug users.


2. Chen Wanning

Chen Wanning is one of China’s most prominent and well-known online novelists. He had established himself as one of the leading figures in China’s first generation of online writers in 2006 with his book “My Swordsman.” Chen was caught in his apartment in possession of drugs after the cops tipped off the situation. A small bag of crystal meth and drug paraphernalia got seized from the writer’s house. Chen admitted to taking methamphetamine, which gets reflected in his urine test as conducted by the cops.


3. Gao Hu

Gao Hu is an actor born in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. He has featured in many famous movies such as “Flying Swords of Dragon Gate” and “The Flowers of War.” The actor gets caught with 7 grams of marijuana and 1 gram of methamphetamine, as per the police.


4. Li Daimo

Li Diamo is a Chinese singer who rose to fame after participating in “The Voice of China.” He sang Wanting Qu’s “You Exist in My Song” and was selected to join mentor Liu Huan’s team for his audition. As a child, Li learned to play the clarinet and sing. He was a student at the Shenyang Conservatory of Music. Li Daimo gets tried for fun crystal meth parties on his property. The police had found traces of amphetamine-type drugs in Daimo’s body. He got sentenced to nine months of prison and a fine of 2,000 yuan. As per his lawyer, Li Daimo was not given a maximum sentence of 3 years due to his cooperation and admission of guilt.


5. Zhang Mo

Zhang Mo is an award-winning actor and the son of renowned actor-producer Zhang Gouli. He is best known for his roles in “Let The Bullets Fly” and “Back to 1942”. Zhang gets first arrested in 2012 for the possession and consumption of marijuana. He got arrested for the second time in 2014 for providing a venue for drug use and the consumption of drugs too. He got sentenced to six months of prison and a fine of 5,000 yuan.


6. Roy Cheung

Roy Cheung is a famous actor and has starred in over 90 movies, including the “Infernal Affairs” trilogy and “Prison on Fire.” The actor usually played only gangster and villainous characters, but in 1998, he brought out a new look on-screen with his role of a Shaolin Monk in “The Storm Monk.” Roy Cheung got arrested for the possession of marijuana. He was booked by the Chaiyang Narcotics Corps while staying in Beijing. The Corps found over 1 gram of marijuana from within the actor’s belongings. Roy tested positive for marijuana following a urine test.


7. Zhang Yuan

Zhang Yuan is an internationally acclaimed Chinese director and producer. He gets described as one of China’s groundbreaking members of China’s so-called Six-Generation filmmakers. His most renowned works include “Beijing Bastards” and “Little Red Flowers.” Zhang gets apprehended following a police raid on his property in Beijing. He gets charged for the consumption of ketamine and crystal methamphetamine.


8. Kai Ko

Kai Ko is an actor who reached new heights of stardom in 2011 with his debut film “You Are The Apple Of My Eye.” His performance in the movie won him the ‘Best New Performer’ at the 48th Golden Horse Awards. In 2014, Kai Ko got arrested along with Jaycee Chan for the possession and consumption of marijuana. Upon his arrest, Kai had admitted to using marijuana.


9. Man Wen Jun

Man Wen Jun was a nightclub singer, who became famous after his first release, “I understand you all the time.” The song was one of the biggest musical hits of 1996. Following a tip-off from an anonymous drug dealer, the pop star and his wife got booked by the police for drug abuse. The police found heroin in his possession during the raid.


10. Max Mok

Max Mok is an actor from Hong Kong who experienced a massive leap in his career when he replaced actor Yuen Biao in the 1992 sequel of the movie “Once Upon A Time In China 2”. He is also best known for these martial arts films directed by Tsui Hark in the early 1990s. Mok got detained in Beijing for possessing drugs. However, it has not been revealed by the police what substance got found in the actor’s possession. He got arrested; however, been confirmed.