Drama Review: Lost Track Of Time





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“Lost track of time” is a 2022 Chinese romance drama. It tells the story of Lu Anran, who was born as the first daughter of the first wife of her father. She is a legitimate daughter and has the skills for managing a business. Because of her talent, she is destined to become the head of the prestigious Lu family.

The Feel-Good Part

The storyline is interesting and unique, which shows time travel. The plot is heavy and complex which will make you hooked on the show. The FL does not have extraordinary power and even after knowing the consequences; she failed in some situations. And that is the beauty of this show.

The Disappointing Factor

If you’re looking for hardcore romance, this is certainly no place to find it. There are no scenes of romance or excitement. Even the revenge factor of the show is weak. After all the suffering Anran underwent, the revenge was kept minimal.

In-Depth Analysis

Lu Anran has great contributions to the family business. She went on many expeditions to find new routes and expand their family business. Lu Anran was the sole reason for the Lu family’s prosperity and it made the family stand out amongst all the other imperial families. Later, Lu Anran falls in love with Mu Ze, Prince Qing. They got married and lived a happy life for 10 years, after which she found out that Mu Ze’s purpose was to control the Lu family and get hold of their business. Lu Anran lost her son because of a setup by a concubine. After the incident, he drifted away from Mu Ze and spent her time mostly in the warehouse, inventing a wheeled boat. Mu Ze was fully aware of the plot set by the concubine, but he remained silent because he needed the help of their clan. Lu Anran found out about Mu Ze’s plans of wiping her whole family out. However, it was too late. Her brother, relatives, and father were already killed, and only her half-sister was left, who was also a traitor. Heartbroken by the incidents, Lu Anran tries to commit suicide by setting herself on fire. But the fire did not burn her. Instead, she reached back to the time before she encountered Mu Ze. She set her mind this time to take revenge on Mu Ze and avenge all the incidents that took place in her life. But while doing so, she met Mu Chuan, who was Mu Ze’s brother. He was a gentle and soft-hearted man. And this time, she fell for him instead. But she had two choices, a new start to her life or to avenge her loved ones.

Star Power

Zhao Zi Lu, who played Mu Chuan, is a young actor and deserves credit for his amazing performance. But he was overshadowed by Jing Chao at most points. The female lead played by Xing Fei also did an outstanding performance. Jing Chao and Xing Fei had great chemistry.

Overall Opinion

Overall, it is a perfect story with an even more interesting plot. It will take you on a complex journey involving business, romance, and whatnot.