Article: Top 10 Thai Dramas Of Forced Marriage 

Thai Dramas are some of the best dramas to watch of any genre or trope. From romance to comedy, Thai dramas have every package with top acting from the actors. One of the famous tropes that people like watching in Thai dramas is forced marriage and many others. There are many Thai dramas with forced marriage plots, and everyone has a story with different actors portraying their roles. It is fun and exciting to explore and watch Thai dramas of forced marriage and wait for the plot twist.

1. Piang Chai Kon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised (Just A Man, Not A Magician)

In this drama, the boy comes from a middle-class background, whereas the girl is from a wealthy family. Due to the debt incurred by the boy’s family from the girl’s family, they both had to marry because of the debt and hated the idea. However, in the end, everything goes right, and they live happily.

2. Praomook

Praomook drama tells the story of a girl who is a lucky charm for the boy that made their parents decide to get them married in their childhood. However, the girl loves the boy, but it’s not the same otherwise. When they meet again, the parents pressure the boy to get married to keep his bad luck away from him as he is constantly in danger. Their love story is filled with aggression.

3. Sapai Jao Sua (Daughter-In-War)

The boy’s father is a Chinese Thai businessman and has four sons. Each son has planned who their wives will be, except the youngest of four. The boy comes to Thailand to fulfill his dream of becoming a police officer, where he meets a very stubborn girl. The boy decides to hire the girl as his wife so that he can receive a grant from his father for the marriage easily.

4. The Crown Princess 

The girl is the princess of the kingdom and gains a lot of enemies because of the same. The girl hires a team of bodyguards, and the boy is the captain. The attacks on the girl increased, and the boy and the girl had to get married for the girl’s safety. The boy doesn't like it but still agrees.

5. Warden Of The Sky

The boy is the captain of the army commando force and was ordered to save the girl, a doctor researcher. The terrorists attacked the girl’s father as they wanted their special research paper from him, and the secret mission of saving the girl was insisted on. Later in the episode, the girl and boy marry to lessen the suspicions and keep the girl safe. They also don't realize when their forced marriage turned into real.

6. Sapai Import (Imported Bride)

When the girl comes from overseas, she gets to see that her family is in debt. The boy comes from a wealthy family, and after the death of his grandfather, the property will go to him only when he marries and has a child in a year. The boy’s mom wanted the girl and boy to marry each other, but both said otherwise. As the mom already knows the girl. They both didn't like each other and said no.

7. Ok Keub Hak Ab Ruk Khun Samee (My Husband-In-Law)

The girl and boy have lived together for seven years. The girl loves him, but he doesn’t think the same otherwise. The boy is a playboy and gets himself tangled up with the gangster’s wife and gets into big trouble. That is why the boy’s mother forced the girl and boy to marry each other to save his son.

8. Kao Waan Hai Noo Pen Sai (My Secret Bride)

The girl and the boy live in the slums where the boy is a police officer and tries to protect the slums from the mafia. And the girl always stands up for her community. The boy thinks that a girl and his cousins are having an affair even when his cousin is engaged to someone else. And he decided to propose to the girl to keep her away from his cousin.

9. Jao Sao Jum Yorm (When I Marry A Stranger)

The boy and the girl, both of their fiances, abandon them on the same day and get married to each other. The boy and the girl heartbroken in their wedding dress went to the bar and crossed each other's paths. People assume that they are married, and they also pretend and spend the night together. They forget what happened that night however, after meeting soberly, things happen between them, and memories come crashing down.

10. Princess Hours

The boy is the prince, and his father aka king promises his loyal guard that they will have their heirs married. The girl is clumsy and knows nothing about the royal rules, and the boy hates her and does not want to marry her. They go to the same school, but the boy always avoids her. But once they get to know each other amidst their hilarious moments, they warm up and fall in love.