Article: Top 10 Best Male Dancers In Japanese

1. Tetsuya Kumakawa

Topping our list is Japan’s honoured ballet dancer Tetsuya Kumakawa. What makes Tetsuya stand out most is his charismatic demi-charactered dancing, outstanding pirouette technique with wild puissant and inventive allegro that would take our breaths away. Tetsuya is a recognized ballet dancer worldwide, and he became the first Asian dancer to join the Royal Ballet Company.


2. Ni-Ki

The youngest in our list of best dancers is Enhypen’s Ni-Ki. Nishimura Riki, better known as Ni-Ki, is a dance prodigy as he can memorize a choreography in 10 minutes. Unbelievable, right? This 15-year-old, with his incredible moves, has become an excellent dancer, captivating the viewers from the very moment he starts dancing. At present, he is the youngest active idol in K-pop.


3. Sekai

Sekai Yamamoto, well known by his stage name Exile Sekai, is a member of the Japanese dance-vocal Exile and the leader of Exile’s subunit Fantastics. He grew up in an environment surrounded by dance, as his mother ran a dance studio. His passion for dancing led him to learn many genres like ballet, jazz, and hip-hop. But he chose to become a street-dancer just because of letting the music move you.


4. Yuta Nakamoto

Yuta Nakamoto, popularly known as Yuta, is the lead dancer and sub-vocalist of the well-liked boy group NCT127. Yuta was born in Osaka, Japan and passed SM’s Global Audition, and debuted in NCT. With his flawless visual and terrific dance moves, Yuta has become an exceptional performer, spell-binding us whenever he steps on stage.


5. Mashiho

Mashiho born in Mie Prefecture, Japan, is the leading dancer of the K-pop group Treasure under YG Entertainment. Mashiho had shown interest in dancing at a very young age and has trained in many styles, such as freestyle, contemporary, and even ballet. His flexibility and body control gives his dance more precision with much-needed flexibility. Mashiho is recognized for his excellent dancing, vocal and visual.


6. Akira Kasai

Akira Kasai is one of Japan’s distinguished Butoh dancers and choreographers. Born in Mie Prefecture, Japan, Akira has learned modern dance, contemporary dance before moving to Butoh dance form. His unique and inexhaustible artistic creativity and the emotions he portrays through his dance make Kansai’s onstage performance surreal to the viewers.


7. Elly

Another top-notch dance is Japan’s Koya Rosado Elliot, popularly known by his stage name Elly. He is a member of the famous Japanese dance and vocal group Sandaime J Soul Brothers. He has choreographed some renowned dance moves for his group and showed his creativity and passion for dance.


8. Naoto

Born in Tokorozawa, Japan, Naoto Kataoka is a celebrity dancer, and a member of the J-pop group Exile and also, the leader of the Japanese boy group Sandaime J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe. He appeared as a backup dancer for famous artists like Hamasaki Ayumi, Ashanti, and Missy Elliot.


9. U

Mizuguchi Yuto, better known by his stage name U, is the leading dancer, lead rapper, and maknae of the Korean boy band ONF. He was born in Osaka, Japan. Even though he is a bit introverted, he expresses himself through his graceful dancing that speaks volumes about his potential and charms the audience.


10. Rui Yonamine

Rui Yonamine is a Japanese dancer and member of the Japanese boy group The Rampage. He is interested in popping and locking and is called the Popping King of The Rampage by his fellow members. He also brings out a mixture of robot and Okinawan dance that fascinates the audience.