Article: Top 10 Asian BL Dramas For The Newbie In Fujoshi Land

Over the years, Boys Love stories, popularly known as BLs, have been catching hearts worldwide. The excruciating plotlines, the well-crafted characters, and the ‘dangerous’ cinematography amidst the thrill of exploring sexualities- it is no surprise that these dramas rack up millions of views from fujoshi all around. This article will take you through the top 10 Asian BL dramas that can welcome you to the land of fujoshi.

1. 2gether: The Series

Sarawat is a popular first-year student in the Music club of the college, while Tine is an ordinary guy from the cheerleading squad. The protagonists get their fates intertwined when Tine chases Sarawat for a fake date to deter Green from having romantic feelings for him. Soon, both of them get close, which allows for intense emotions to erupt. This Thai series is akin to a contemporary fairy tale about how we long for that one particular soulmate and strive for the affection of the one we love.

2. Cherry Magic! Thirty Years Of Virginity Can Make You A Wizard?!

Salaryman Kiyoshi Adachi has yet to experience romance even though he has already reached his 30s. As the urban legend comes true, he gains a special ability to read minds if people touch him. If our protagonist’s world wasn’t turned upside down here, he gets to know that the famous office worker Yuichi Kurosawa has a crush on him. ‘Wholesome’ is another word for the series. Its slow-burn romance and the cute and chaotic moments of this couple make this Japanese series so worthwhile to watch.

3. Semantic Error

Who thought that rule-abiding computer science major Cho Sangwoo would have to collaborate with Jang Jaeyoung, his polar opposite? But as the story progresses, they go from enemies to friends to people who can’t remain just friends. If you are a fan of enemies to lovers trope, then this series is for you. The tension build-up is immaculate with the correct pacing, so despite a short runtime, none of the moments feel rushed. What’s more, it is one of the first series in which two Korean pop idols are a part of the cast- Park Jaechan (plays Sangwoo in the series) belongs to the Korean pop group DKZ while Park Seoham (plays Jaeyoung here) is a former member of KNK.

4. My Love Mix-Up!

What if your crush happens to love a guy, and in the process of making that guy fall in love with your crush to make her happy, you start liking him instead? This chaos is even made funnier by the clumsiness of Aoki and the bluntness of Ida. A series that travels through love, friendship and misunderstandings- it gives us a glance that high school love isn’t as easy as everyone makes it out to be. This Japanese series is perfect for binge-watching on a lonely Sunday afternoon to keep the upcoming Monday blues away!

5. Kinn Porsche The Series La Forte

A student who works part-time at a bar, Porsche, saves Kinn, the second son of a Mafia lord. Porsche accepts Kinn's offer to work as his bodyguard which is the beginning of a perilous romance. Everything about this rainbow-colored Thai romance—the sensuality radiating from the lead couple, the pain, the longing, the intensity, the thrill, the humor, the luxuriousness—is top-notch. Moreover, the side characters also have fascinating tales to keep you on the edge of your seat.

6. Bad Buddy

‘From two people who can’t be friends, without knowing it, we became two people who can’t be just friends.’ Such an accurate representation of this dialogue is portrayed in the Thai series, which chronicles the tale of Pat and Pran. Though they came from rival families and found themselves battling for nearly everything, they couldn’t help but fall in love with each other along the way. From breaking stereotypes associated with BLs and bringing healthy communicative relationships to the table to showcasing every bond in the series with authentic and detailed angst- this series has done it all and is a must-watch, especially for a beginner.

7. My Tooth Your Love

A dentist, his patient, and their romance are the subjects of this Taiwanese series. The main character has a toothache, but he chooses to put up with it rather than get help. When the main character goes to the clinic, he gets into difficulties and fights with his dentist. Despite the difficult beginning, they get past their differences and become friends. They have to work out their developing sentiments as their friendship grows. My Tooth Your Love illustrates the well-known BL tropes with sweetness and elegance even though it contains many clichés. The romantic banter is definitely not a miss here.

8. A Man Who Defies The World Of BL

A university student with a vivid imagination, Mob thinks that every man in his immediate vicinity is developing romantic relationships in some way or the other, and only he is exempt from the BL condition. Every guy wants to hook up with him, whether he meets with friends or complete strangers. Mob claims to detest the Boys Love subgenre, but he also seems to be completely fixated on it. His "research" even includes reading a ton of BL comics. Join this another chaotic Japanese series where our poor protagonist comes up with bizarre plans of action every day to lessen his exposure to BL stereotypes, making this series a peculiar one in the industry.

9. To My Star 

If you want some chemistry that will make you squeal at 3 in the morning, congratulations, you found your soulmate! The romance between the golden retriever Seo Jun and the strict Jiwoo broke all the high standards we have set for real-life romances. A tale of a chef and an actor, who, despite having different outlooks towards life, still find a way to fall head over heels for each other. The OSTs are also a significant icing on the cake. And if you don’t believe these high praises, the presence of a second season, which is such a rare occurrence in the Korean BL industry, should be a testament to its excellence.

10. Love Tractor

If you are tired of BLs that generally have an urban setting, then this Korean drama will be a breath of fresh air for you. Yul is a university student who relocates to the countryside to defy his strict father. There, he meets his seven years younger counterpart, Yechan, who is a local farmer. The two get their lives intertwined as Yechan tries to help Yul adjust to the new lifestyle. Yechan will soon become your comfort character as you will root for his newfound crush on the snobbish protagonist.