Article: Top 10 Thai Couples Split

We all hear the news regarding celebrities dating, marrying, or breaking up with each other. People support their most loved celebrity couples out there, and respect their choices and their decisions. Even after celebrity couples split up, some celebrities carry on their relationship as friends with each other. Here are some Thai couples that split after dating.

1. Hi-So Oat And Min Pechaya

Min is a Thai model and actress known for her roles in Plah Boo Thong (2009), Ruk Nai Marn Mek (2010), Pin Anong (2012), Yok Luerd Mungkorn (2012), Cinderella Rong Tao Tae (2013). Hi-So Oat is a businessman. She was in a relationship with Hi-So Oat, but on November 04, Min admitted that she broke up with her boyfriend. Before they ended their relationship, they had been together for five years.


2. Mike Pattaradet And Pooklook Fonthip

Mike Pattaradet is a Thai actor. Pooklook Fonthip is a winner of Miss Thailand Universe 2010 and represented Thailand in Miss Universe 2010 and is a Thai actress. In August, Pooklook Fonthip revealed that she and her boyfriend, Mike Pattaradet, have changed their relationship from a couple to friends. Also, they went to the car showroom together.


3. Weir Sukollawat And Bella Ranee

Weir is a Thai model, singer, and actor. Bella is a Thai actor and model. It was told that Weir and Bella have been in love for nine years. ONE Bunterng reported that Weir Sukollawat And Bella Ranee broke up after having a relationship of almost ten years. After the news, "WeirBella" was ranked No. 1 on Twitter in Thailand's hot search. People left a message under the topic saying that they didn't believe it.


4. Alek Teeradetch And Toey Jarinporn

Alek is an actor on Channel 3. Toey is a Thai model, host, and actress. In June 2020, Alek admitted that he broke up with Toey after three years of dating. They are now friends after three years of relationship.


5. Pong Nawat And Kaew Jarinya

Pong Nawat is a Thai actor known for his roles in Sang Kram Nang Fah, Dum Kum, Ngao Asoke, and Proong Nee Gor Ruk Ter. Kaew Jarinya is a singer, FFK group band member, actress and model. Pong Nawatand and Kaew Jarinya had been dating each other for two years before they broke up.


6. Taew Natapohn And Ton Arch

Taew Natapohn is a Thai actress working for TV3. Ton arch is a Thai actor and model. In April 2020, Taew Natapohn told the reporters that she broke up with her boyfriend, Ton Arch. They have been in a relationship with each other for 14 years before they split.


7. Mick Thongraya And Bow Maylada

Bow Maylada is a Thai singer, actress, and model. She was a singer in the girl group Kiss Me Five for three years. Mik Thongraya is a Thai-Danish actor and model. He is famous for his roles in Mussaya, Divided Heart. Currently, he was signed under Channel 7. Mik Thongraya And Bow Maylada broke up in August. They were in a relationship with each other for over a year before they split up.


8. Gun Napat And Marie Broenner

Gun Napat is a Thai singer-songwriter, actor, writer, and the winner of the reality talent show, The Star 6. Marie Broenner is an actress and model. Marie Broenner announced on her official Instagram that she broke up with her boyfriend, Gun Napat. They have been in a relationship for over a year.


9. Mook Warranit And Toy Pathompong

Mook Warranit is a Thai actress and singer. Toy Pathompong is an actor and model. In August 2020, Mook Warranit told reporters that she broke up with Toy Pathompong, her boyfriend after they had been dating for a year.


10. Great Warintorn And Orn Onuma

Great Warintorn is a Thai actor and model. In July 2020, the famous Thai actor admitted that he broke up with his non-celebrity girlfriend after three years of dating.