Article: Top 10 Must-Watch T-Pop Survival Shows

The popularity of survival shows is on the rise. The basic objective of such shows is to make the contestants compete against one another and through the process filter the most deserving ones. The Thai entertainment industry is not unaffected by this phenomenon. Following are some of the best survival shows of the Thai music industry to binge-watch.


Also known as ‘789 Trainee’, ‘789 Survival’ is a Thai survival show formed by TADA Entertainment and SONRAY Entertainment. The show kicked off on May 26, 2023, featuring 24 contestants. As the name indicates the final debuting group would have either 7, 8, or 9 members. The resultant winners will form Sonray Entertainment’s first boy band. Famous actor PP Krit (Oh-Aew from ‘I Told Sunset About You’) is the guest judge. The show is broadcasted every Friday at 21:15 (ICT).

2. Project Alpha

Project Alpha, a reality survival show under GMMTV Records is one of the most popular survival shows in the Thai entertainment industry. It aired from December, 2022 till March, 2023. The show started with 28 contestants among whom four were to be selected as ‘Alphas’ and the rest were made ‘Betas’. Each week the Alphas and the Betas had to compete to either stay in the competition or get eliminated. On March 2023, five winners were announced who have now debuted as ‘LYKN’.

3. Blow Your Mind

Blow Your Mind was a reality survival show that aired from April 16, 2023, to May 16, 2023. The show has a total of five episodes, each 40 minutes long. Originally there were 19 contestants, however, some left even before the show officially aired. Thereafter, final ranks were given to the final 6. The finalists are expected to debut later in September 2023 under a girl group named ‘MINDY’.

4. Seven Stars

This survival show which aired from Jul 2, 2022 - Sep 17, 2022, aimed to find four additional Thai members for Ganada Entertainment’s mixed Korean-Thai boy band. The Korean members of the group include Woo Chul, Yun Min and Yong Kwon. Got7’s Youngjae was the mentor for the contestants and Bambam also appeared as a special guest.  The group officially debuted as ‘THE7’ with the single “GET LOOSE” on January 29, 2023.

5. The Next Boy/Girl Band Thailand

This unique reality survival show is a Thai adaptation of ‘The Next Boy/Girl Band Netherlands’. The show aimed to create one boy and one girl group and then make them compete against one another. The show has 10 episodes of 90 minutes each. 5 members from Team Boy and 5 from Team Girl emerged as the final winners of the show.

6. Last Idol Thailand

Last Idol Thailand, a popular reality show aired from June to September of 2021 on Channel 7 and TrueID. The show was a Thai adaptation of a Japanese survival show of the same name. It has special pre-show episodes which show the audition process, following it with full-length episodes. Girl group ‘Last Idol’ consisting of 26 members, which debuted in 2021 is a direct result of the show.

7. 9low On Top

This survival show aired on February 11, 2023, and has two episodes so far. The basic theme is to have 99 contestants compete to be amongst the last 9 to form a boy band. Training of the finalists would be done in South Korea for two months. The show has contestants from all walks of life, with people as young as 17 and as old as 28 participating as contestants. Korean mentors of the show are Lee Jin Hyuk Kim Woo Seok and Minzy. While Thai mentors include Aof Pongsak, Ying Rhatha, and Two Popetorn.

8. Idol Paradise

Idol Paradise was a survival show under VCM corporation that aimed to form a nine-member girl group. Though many contestants left the show before it even aired, the final nine were able to debut as ‘Celeste’ on February 2022. Among the contestants who left the show, one is Pear who is all set to debut in the Korean group BABYMONSTER in 2023.

9. The Two

This survival show aired on Workpoint Tv in 2022. The show aimed to find two members for XOXO Entertainment’s duo idol group. Of the 20 contestants that initially participated, two were eventually able to debut as ‘THI-O & TUTOR’ on March 23, 2023, with the digital single ‘Move On’.

10. LAZ iCON

This survival show features 35 contestants from various companies as well as freelancers who compete against one another to debut as the final five. The show aired from Oct 9, 2021 - Jan 9, 2022, under GMM One Network. Of the 35 contestants the final five have debuted as LAZ1 as on April 7, 2022.