Article: Top Ten Powerful Female Leads In 2020-21 Korean Dramas

The world of Korean dramas has such a variety of interesting characters that finding a bias in there is a task in itself. Nevertheless here is a list of our top 10 dynamic and lovable ladies who will have you hooked in no time.

1. Mr. Queen: Kim So-Young

Shin Hye Sun needs no crown to prove what a queen she is, as she carried the hilarious and beyond belief theatrics of the life of Queen So-young of the Joseon era throughout the drama, as her soul gets switched with a modern-day free-spirited (maybe a bit too free) chef. Coaxing the audience to dive into this chaotic and crazy story, Hye sun’s cool and sassy queen holds too much style and confidence for anyone to not want to give her a high five.


2. My Name: Yoon Ji Woo

Han So Hee throws away her delicate naive girl concept from her previous hit ‘Nevertheless’ and transforms into a ruthless badass member of a criminal racket Ji Woo in her recent crime thriller. Consumed with hatred and anger, Ji Woo leads a life driven by the force of vengeance. With her motives being fuelled by her emotions, she stuns the audience with her impeccable presence and formidable mental, as well as physical strength, not without revealing occasional moments of vulnerability. Han So Hee once again did a marvelous job as she portrayed the intensity of this implacable story.


3. Vincenzo: Hong Cha Young

A lady with wit, charisma, will of iron, and beauty is what we call a – Stunner, and Vincenzo’s “sweety” Cha young is its pure incarnation. Yeo-been with her quirky attitude and flawless skills took the role of a top-notch fearless lawyer to a stupendous height, leaving the audience head over heels for cha young’s glamour.


4. It's Okay To Not Be Okay: Ko Moon Yeong

Just some waist clinching corsets, flashy heels, color-bursting accessories, and a whole vial of grace with lunacy, and my dear readers we have our perfect heroine ready to carve her way in your hearts. Ko Moon Yeong’s persona with her brand of aesthetics screams, arrogance and flamboyance is only to enhance the essence of her femme fatale nature. Seo ye Ji has put in a tour de force performance, elegantly embracing this character to unfold the deep emotions lying under that personality, making Ko Moon Yeong’s story an unforgettable fairytale.


5. Hi Bye, Mama! : Cha Yu-ri

A ghost for five years now, Cha Yu-ri was gifted with another chance at life as she goes through a 49 days reincarnation process, taking us on a rollercoaster of emotions. Yearning for her daughter and deciding between her own as well and her family’s happiness, this character evolved a lot. Giving the audience valuable life lessons, Kim Tae-hee’s performance was beautiful as she portrayed the honest feelings of a woman getting furious, happy and sad for her family. This thought-provoking, wholesome drama became even more calming and delightful to watch with Tae-hee’s believable and fabulous acting, making the audience fall in love with her character even more.


6. Law School: Kang Sol A

Hankuk Law University’s Kang Sol A is one of those super relatable K-drama characters whom students all over the world would give a bro-fist and say “I get you, girl!” Her studies require her to do all-nighters and bite her nails. Kang sol A is a smart, motivated and diligent nerd who is always ready to leave her professors and fellow batch mates, along with the audience, speechless with her silly and interesting perspectives. Ryu Hye Young deserves all the praise in the world for bringing forth the sunshine and humor in the show with Kang Sol’s ‘I’m exhausted but let’s do this!!’ energy.


7. Squid Game: Kang Sae-Byeok

Jung Hoyeon made an outstanding debut in the world of dramas by boldly presenting Squid Game’s Sae Byeok as a street smart and abrasive girl who belonged to the other side of the border. Trying to survive the nasty reality of her life, Sae Byeok’s character held layers of emotions and caliber, urging the audience to take a sneak peek in her dark yet kind facet. Adroitly facing the cutthroat games, contestant no. 067 with her magnetic gaze was highly favored and left a strong impression on the crowd.


8. Start-Up: Seo Dal Mi

Wishing upon the rainbow for all the good things to happen, from being a little girl who innocently exchanged heartwarming letters with her confidant to becoming a sincere, charming CEO of her startup company, Seo Dal Mi continuously left a strong impact on the viewer’s mind. Inspiring everyone with her tenacity and influential charisma, Dal Mi being an idea bank was always fun to watch as she fluently turned the circumstances in her favor. The audience expected nothing else as Suzy ideally delivered the tale of an aspiring young girl who wanted to “take the upper floor elevator”.


9. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha: Yoon Hye-Jin

Hometown Cha-cha-cha brought a breath of fresh air in 2021 with its wholesomeness and bursting taste of the sea. It also gifted us with a window in the life of Dr. Yoon Hye-Jin, a city-bred dentist with a set of principles and a heart of gold. When she arrives in the seaside town of Gongjin leaving her life in Seoul, the viewers are taken in on a journey of this woman establishing a living for herself and adjusting to a whole new world. With a confident head on her shoulders and branded shoes on her feet, Shin Min-ah carries this role with a flourish.


10. Dali And The Cocky Prince: Kim Dali

You can guess by the name that this young lady is a lover of art. Calm and composed, Kim Dali is a diligent student, admirer, and keeper of art, researching in the Netherlands. A sudden change of situations make her come back to Seoul and manage her ancestral art gallery as the newly made Director with only a staff of four loyal workers. Her story is one of love and betrayals with a sprinkle of humor as she saves her gallery from brinks of collapse.