Article: Top 10 Male Korean Actors In A Negative Role

One could argue that the role of the most antagonist during a K-Drama is as vital, similarly as tricky as that of a protagonist. As a matter of truth, a part of the flavor of the show is brought in by the villain. Speaking of technique similarly, an actor taking part in the villain typically needs to place additional effort into getting in character for his authenticity because it couldn't be farther than their real selves. Finally, everybody loves a villain with a tragic back story that most likely doesn't justify his actions! Loads of our favorite leading men nowadays started their careers taking part in villains. At the same time, therefore, I have gone back to requiring up the roles of antagonists just because they're so tricky. Here are some of the highest leading actors that have to vie the villain equally well.

1. Yeo Seung Ho

The suitor of K-Drama competes a revenge-driven insane slayer Kang Hyung Joon within the heroic tale 'Missing You.' Seung Ho's nature goes through unimaginable lows with not even the slightest highs, and he does every single component of the character dead. From being tormented to turning into the tormentor, from insane to a five-year-old kid, he will have it all, and he will it with the talent that may be expected.


2. Kim Jae Wook

The perfect husband that any fangirl may dream of, Kim Jae Wook additionally contends the role of a mental case with a God-complicated, Mo Tae Goo, within the notable crime mystery 'Voice.' Voice remains one amongst the foremost fashionable, heroic tale dramas ever, and Kim Jae Wook brought goosebumps together with his performance. Kim Jae Wook even admitted that he ne'er wished to play a villain once more just because of the emotional toll on an actor's psyche. Fans were powerless by however versatile the actor was to own contend such a troublesome role with such ease and even claimed that this was a "rediscovery" of Kim Jae Wook. Once asked concerning his character, Kim Jae Wook unconcealed that the most crucial realization he created while taking part in this role was the danger of vanity and pride. "Anyone will become lordly despite their social position or temperament. The instant they supposed to themselves that they're unconquerable, which the globe can forgive them for all the world they are doing, they become tousled folks. I noticed this through my character," he explained.


3. Shin Sung Rok

Shin Sung Rok's character Lee Jae Kyung in 'My Love from The Star" stands may be at the highest tier of villains, which will run our blood cold. Gauging from what quantity viewers unloved the character, it speaks volumes regarding however well Shin Sung Rok delivered as an actor. Lee Jae Kyung was a killer in plain sight behind a handsome face. He had no qualms regarding murder, even explaining sadistic pleasure out of committing those crimes. Everything regarding his character merely sent chills down viewers' spines. His talent for taking part in villains was therefore unmatched that we tend to go on to play a variety of antagonistic roles, together with his most up-to-date, "The Last Empress." Shin Sung Rok is returning to the tiny screen all over again in late Oct together with his time travel adventure story 'Kairos' aboard Lee Se Young and this point, as a protagonist.


4. Lee Joon

It is very uncommon, nearly extraordinary, for an idol to play a villain right off the bat, particularly as they are beginning out. Lee Joon's role of Ryu Tae Joon in 'Gap Dong' actually created him stand out from the usual crowd of beginner actors. It's pretty documented that Lee Joon doesn't regress comes and roles with true potential. As such, he is enjoying the villain may need been a challenge; however, he wasn't intimidated. Ryu Tae Joon isn't solely psychopathological; however, additionally, a former jail inmate who disguises behind the distinct look of a barista. He has a very high ratio that makes him a criminal mastermind. He uses it to become an aper manslayer due to his admiration of the disreputable manslayer Gap Dong. Viewers instantly knew that they had a very gifted actor in their hands.


5. Lee Dong Wook

No one quite has seen either 'Goblin,' 'Touch My Heart,' or probably any of Lee Dong Wook's dramas would promptly settle for the concept that he was perhaps the scariest villain. He contends Seo Moon Jo within the horror K-Drama' Strangers from Hell' supported a webtoon of the identical name. Happiness to the horror genre, Lee Dong Wook had to deliver not solely as an antagonist but one that might provide you with nightmares. His character wasn't originally an area of the webtoon. However, it was created entirely for the drama. However, his appearance is standard and magnetic; he hides a sinister truth. Lee Dong Wook himself admitted that taking part in the role was very exhausting, particularly mentally, which a personality like Seo Moon Jo ought to ne'er exist in the world. The actor felt responsible for depicting the character to the letter as an exemplary for everything that one ought to ne'er do and be like. However, Lee Dong Wook is prepared to steal our hearts once more because the male lead within the approaching K-Drama' Tale of Gumiho' and fans can't stay up for identical to air.



T.O.P is a remarkable actor that you won't regret watching.

If you check out the first couple of episodes, you will see T.O.P stealing the limelight even with the minimum dialogues. He didn't get many lines in the drama, and many people who recapped it talked about the little lines he got.


7. Kim Byung Chul

Park Joong Heon (Kim Byung Chul) would be considered the most artful and crafty villain in the pages of drama history. He was ready to brainwash and drive King Wang Yeo (Grim Reaper) crazy. He just about killed blood to urge his favorite to become the successor. All that he will is only on self-interest and concerning growing his power. The previous King knew this.


8. Jang Dae Hee

Jang Dae Hee (Yoo Jae Myung) is exceedingly one of the evilest characters in a Korean drama you'll realize. However, he's essential to the series. What makes him therefore detested is his complete lack of ruefulness and his want to win at any price. It doesn't matter who He hurts as long as he gets what he needs. He shows little feeling for people who have worked for old-style corporate executives. Jang Dae Hee is the embodiment of classic evil. The most important satisfaction came once Jang Dae Hee over up motility before of Saeroyi…that is a picture you'll never forget.


9. Min Joon-Gook

Min Joon-gook (Jung Woong-in) is the slayer of Soo-ha's father. He ends up progressing to jail for ten years as a result of Hye-Sung's testimony. Upon the unleashes, revenge was his high priority.


10. Han Sang Hoon

Han Sang-Hoon (Kim Eui Sung) would be 10 on this list if it was the foremost evil-looking villain in an exceedingly Korean drama. He's the critical killer of Kang Chul's family. However, his true identity doesn't get disclosed till later within the series.