Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities And Their Youtube Channels

Many celebrities worldwide have developed their youtube channels like professional YouTubers for more audiences and to reach the masses as much as possible. Korean celebrities are no stranger to this concept, so here is a list of some Korean celebrities and their youtube channels you might not have known about and should subscribe to.

1. Jennie (Jennierubyjane Official)

Jennie is the lead vocalist and main rapper of the world-renowned girl band Blackpink. She is a much-talked-about celebrity who has not only made a significant impact in the kpop industry but in Hollywood as well. Her channel does not have a lot of videos except for her vlogs mostly, but they are pretty fun to watch.


2. Lisa (lilifilm Official)

Lisa is the main dancer and lead rapper from Blackpink as well. She needs no introduction as it is doubtful that anyone does not know her. Be it her charm, bubbly nature, or charisma, everyone loves her, and her youtube channel is all about her passion. She films, dances, and posts them, and every single one of them is amazing.


3. Solar (Solarsido)

Solar is the main vocalist and leader of the famous South Korean girl group Mamamoo. She had a youtube channel for a long time and posts just like any other professional YouTuber do. She would have been an extremely good YouTuber had she not been an idol. Even so, she is a great idol as well.


4. Iu (Iu Official)

There is no comparison to an idol like IU. She is a true icon in all aspects, being a phenomenal actress and a fantastic singer. She is also an inspiration for so many out there. Her YouTube channel is a fun one with a lot of topics covered in it by her, and if you have not checked it out yet, you should now.


5. Hyuna (Hyuna)

Hyuna is known in the entire Korean entertainment industry, be it for her brilliant music, charisma, or the hilarious scandal that took place, aka the dispute between Cube entertainment and Hyuna when she started dating Dawn. That aside, her youtube channel is quite fun, showing her behind the scenes and even some funny couple videos of her and her sweetheart.


6. Jessi (Jessi)

Jessi is one of the most fun idols, friendly with everyone, and does not let anyone advocate her life. She lives her life on her terms, and that is the most beautiful thing about her. Her youtube channel is all about her music and behind the scenes.


7. Wonho (Ohhoho)

Wonho is swooned over by almost half of the kpop fans and is known for his amazingly built body. His youtube channel is mostly about his music, his career, his life at times, and all that drill regarding himself. If you like Wonho and still do not know about his channel, definitely subscribe to his youtube.


8. G-Dragon (Officialgdragon)

Here comes the legendary G-Dragon from Bigbang. He is probably the most iconic member of this iconic 2nd generation group. This group is what made kpop famous and brought the industry in the limelight after Psy. He has covers, songs, and music videos on his youtube channel, and fans would love to be an audience to it.


9. Baekhyun (baekhyun)

Baekyun is a member of the popular kpop boy band EXO. He is also a part of SM Entertainment’s mixed boy group SuperM and a complete heartthrob among fans. His youtube channel consists of his videos from his shoots, songs, covers and everything else.


10. Taeyang (Ygtaeyang)

Taeyang is also a member of Bigbang and one of the best vocalists. Not just in the kpop industry but the entertainment world all over. He is a great inspiration for many famous idols like the members of BTS, especially Park Jimin. His youtube channel is quite underrated, and you should subscribe to it if you have not already because his music is gold.