Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities And The Advertisements They Have Featured In

Some advertisements become iconic as the days pass. An advertisement imprints on the viewer's mind only because of two main factors, if the advertisement is entertaining and if it imparts the correct message about the product. There are some advertisements of South Korea which satisfied both the factors and became one of the most memorable advertisements and these advertisements were also imprinted because of the Korean star they had in the advertisement. In this article, we will share about ten such South Korean stars and the iconic advertisement they had featured in.

1. Irene

Irene is considered one of the most beautiful k-pop idols of this current generation. Whenever the idol comes in front of the camera, you cannot stop looking at her. The same happened when she did an advertisement for the South Korean Sojucompany Jinro. The advertisement became popular because Irene looked like a dream in that CF and many people thought the CF is no less stunning than a movie.


2. Gong Yoo And Suzy

In 2012, Gong Yoo and Suzy had starred in a drama, Big. Later the two were roped in for endorsing the brand Domino's. The two actors were seen acting in the CF for Domino's in 2013 which later became one of the iconic CF as it had two of the biggest stars of the South Korean entertainment industry.


3. SHINee

Not only are The fandom of SHINee, Shawols are well aware of the cringeworthy and iconic CF of SHINee but also the non-fans are aware of this legendary CF which SHINee did in their rookie awards. In 2009 SHINee endorsed the Korean noodles brand, BusyeoBusyeo, which became one of the funniest and most memorable advertisements in South Korea.


4. Girls Generation And 2pm

This is one of the most iconic and legendary commercial films of the k-pop world. Back in 2010, the hottest idols Girls Generation and 2pm collaborated on an advertisement for the brand Caribbean Bay, for which the two groups even released a promotional song that became an instant sensation in South Korea upon its release.


5. BTS

BTS is termed as one of the most popular Kpop idols globally and even in their home country, South Korea. BTS has a very high brand value and as a result, they endorse multiple brands, one of them being McDonald's. BTS collaborated with McDonald's and introduced the BTS meal for their fans. The advertisement is one of the memorable CFs of BTS.


6. Jennie

Jennie is another favorite face for advertisements and CFs in South Korea. The Blackpink member advertises for a lot of brands. Recently the idol became the face of the South Korean soju brand, Chum-Churum.


7. Joy And Yook Sung Jae

Joy and Yook Sung Jae are one of the most loved ships of the South Korean entertainment industry. The pair were immensely loved and shipped together by their fans when they appeared in the We Got Married show where they acted as a newly married couple. The popularity of the pair led them to become the face of the brand, Fitz Super Clear beer! The CF became one of the memorable CF in South Korea.


8. Hyun Bin And Son Ye-Jin

The pairs became the face of the Philippine telecom company, Smart Communications. The two-reel to real-life couple did the Commercial film for the telecom company where they played the role of a couple. This is one of the most cherished advertisements for the fans of the two pair as this advertisement came out right after the news of them dating each other broke out, though the shooting had already been done before the dating news.


9. Lee Min Ho And Yoona

Lee Min Ho and Yoona are two of the most familiar faces of the South Korean entertainment industry and both the actors are known for their perfect visuals. Thus when the two-actor came together to endorse and advertise a brand, it became legendary. Yoona and Lee Min Ho advertised together for a clothing brand.


10. Blackpink

Blackpink is one of the hottest girl groups globally. Blackpink has multiple endorsement deals, one of them is the iconic Commercial film they had shot for Samsung while being the brand ambassador of Samsung.