Article: Top 10 Korean Actresses Who Acted On Screen Without Make-up

Having their faces exposed on camera is difficult for celebrities. With their constant duality, these incredible Korean actresses enthrall the audiences. These female actors are not only talented actors who have roles in numerous on-screen productions but also have stunning looks. Even without makeup, they look stunning. Some artists find it challenging to display their naked faces on screen in the fast-paced, highly competitive Hallyu industry. Some actresses, however, were praised for having excellent facial features and even performing in dramas and films without wearing makeup.  It's said to them that it was better without makeup because they were so beautiful. So, below are the top 10 Korean actresses who acted on screen without makeup.

1. Han So-Hee In My Name 

Ji Woo, a character played by Han So Hee in the Netflix series My Name, joins a group to track down her father's killer. Han So Hee decided against wearing makeup for the project because it was an action drama. And to make the drama more authentic and allow viewers to understand Ji Woo's true personality, she decided to forego makeup.


2. IU In My Mister 

Singer-actress IU eschewed makeup to play Ji An, a woman who has no interest in beautifying herself because of her busy schedule functioning part-time jobs from day to night, in one of the My Mister television series. She acted in the majority of her sequences bare-faced, but she did so well. IU makes Ji-an seem more convincing by demonstrating her dry, stern eyes, which flawlessly illustrate her tired life.


3. Bae Suzy In Architecture 101 

Without applying even a little layer of BB Cream, singer-actress Suzy made her appearance in her debut movie Architecture 101. When she was a college student, she played Seo Yeon, and by skillfully conveying the delight of first love, she attracted enormous attention. Suzy had situations where she didn't wear makeup but made a big impression in her earlier series, including Vagabond, While You Were Sleeping, Anna, Uncontrollably Fond, and others.


4. Lee Joo-Bin In Money Heist: Korea

Yoon Mi Sun, a Mint employee in charge of accounting, was depicted by Lee Joo Bin in the Netflix series Money Heist: Korea. After the session, Lee Joo Bin attracted the attention of her supporters by admitting that she had neglected her looks and worked diligently on the shoot without wearing cosmetics, attracting intense attention. Lee Joo Bin claimed that she was instructed not to use makeup, and in the opening scene, she just applied minimal makeup. She eventually chose bare-faced, though, as she perspired during the filming and still received positive feedback from the audience.


5. Han Ji-Min In Miss Baek 

2018 saw the release of Miss Baek, which featured Han Ji Min. The actress hadn't worn any makeup at all during the days of filming discovered later. To portray Baek Sang Ah's character—who turns into an ex-convict while attempting to defend herself—realistically and organically, Ji Min displayed the dark circles under her eyes and exerted more effort than necessary to portray her role well, the actress said.


6. Seo Hyun-Jin In Cassiopeia 

The Cassiopeia movie had Seo Hyun Jin as the lead. She fully embraced the role of the Alzheimer's sufferer Soo Jin. The actress thinks it would be strange for her to wear cosmetics because her role is ill. Hyun Jin said that filming her bare face would make it appear more natural, so she did.


7. Bae Doo-Na In Tunnel 

In the movie Tunnel, actress Bae Doo-na displayed Se Hyun, a lady placed in a precarious circumstance in which she might lose her spouse. Bae Doo-na's lack of makeup highlights Se Hyun's tired appearance. According to reports, she even attempted to make dark circles on her face to convey the vision of her character.


8. Son Ye Jin In Personal Taste

In the drama, Personal Taste, Son Ye Jin co-starred with the well-known and attractive actor Lee Min Ho. The drama portrays her as a prosperous woman who is awkward and untidy with her appearance with no sense of style. Son Ye Jin's character frequently has a shabby appearance, lacks vitality, and wears no makeup. But when she was standing next to Lee Min Ho, she was exceedingly attractive and young.


9. Seo Yea Ji In Get It Beauty 

Once on the Korean beauty program Get It Beauty, Seo Ye Ji displayed her makeup removal technique, and her skin remained beautiful afterward. If it helps, she then laid a facial oil, which is why she looked so radiant.


10. Seo Ji Hye On I Live Alone

Seo Ji Hye from Crash Landing on You made an appearance as a guest on the MBC program I Live Alone—which depicts the daily lives of Korean celebrities. She showed the audience her simple home and the entire process of getting ready for the day, including her beauty regimen.