Article: Top 10 K-Pop Idols Who Are Known For Frequently Coloring Their Hair

Coloring the hair is extremely popular in the K-pop industry. Idols are seen in various stunning hair colors for their comebacks, new albums, or stage performances. Some hair colors got done by idols are pink, red, ash brown, blue, black, and blonde, as they complement their style and outfits. While some idols avoid coloring their hair, some are known for coloring their hair frequently. We present you with the list of such Top 10 K-pop idols who are known for dyeing their hair frequently.

1. Lisa

The Thai actress is praised a lot for her wholesome visuals and raps. Ever since her debut, Lisa has awed her fans with her rapping and dancing skills. Not only her vocals but her fashion and hair transformation has also become a thing for her fans. Every hair color she pulls off suits her the best, be it black, blonde, orange, brown, gray, brown, etc. Lisa has become a hair color inspiration for her fans with her unique hair colors.


2. Rose

Rose made her debut with orange-brownish hair. And she has experimented with various hair colors since then. The color that suits her the best and that she has chosen over and over is blonde which gives her a literal Barbie look. Even her natural hair is a beautiful brown. She has experimented with different hair colors, including red, brunette, ginger, orange, grey, pink, purple, etc.


3. Dahyun

She is a well-known member of the Korean girl group Twice. Along with her rapping skills, she is also quite famous for coloring her hair. She had brown hair with pink highlights before the group's debut, and she got the color spiced up with a tint of orange for the group's debut.Dahyun is known for dyeing her hair to the extent that her new hair color signs the group's comeback.She has experimented with various hair colors like bright blonde, blue, blonde with green highlights, ginger orange, dark red, light brown, black, and purple ombre.


4. Chanyeol

Exo's member Chanyeol is known for his excellent singing and rapping. Along with that, he is also recognized for his iconic fashion and hair colors. He has tried several hairstyles and colors so far, which have shown his cute, hot, and sexy sides. He has tried various styles and colors, including hot red, ash-brown, white-blonde, cherry, crimson red, peachy pink, lavender, etc., and has pulled off every hair color at its best.


 5. Taeyong

The 27-year-old singer and rapper have had various hair colors and styles put on for his stage performances. With his debut in 2016 with the K-pop boy band NCT, he has produced several hits before and after his debut. Along with his excellent musical career, he is quite known for his sharp visuals and fashion that he pulls off with confidence. Not forgetting the iconic and unusual hair colors that he has rocked including baby pink, hot red, icy blue, light green, ash brown, black hair with silver highlights, blonde, lavender, and brown hair with highlights of various vibrant colors.


6. Woozi

The 25-year-old K-pop idol is prominently known for his singing and songwriting skills. He has also produced many songs for his group, Seventeen. He has written songs for many artists like Chanyeol, I.O.I., Nu'est W., etc. Along with his career, Woozi is also known for the styles and varied hair colors he has tried so far. He has rocked every hair color he has had, especially the pastel one, which makes him look like ice cream.Some of his popular hair shades are Strawberry Pink, Vanilla Blonde, Orange, Lilac, Coffee Brown, Lime Green, Grape Purple, etc.


7. Kim Hyo-Yeon

Hyoyoen is a 33-year-old singer, rapper, dancer, and DJ. She is also a member of the Korean female band Girl's Generation. Apart from her rapping and dancing skills, she is known for her quirky fashion styles and attires. She has experimented with several hairstyles and colors for the past few years, including purple, orange, blonde, pink, and blue. She has chosen cotton candy-like colors for her hair and has dyed it multiple colors at a time.


8. Wendy

Wendy has established fame and recognition in the K-pop industry with her beautiful singing and vocals. She debuted with Red Velvet as a singer and rapper in 2014 and released her solo album in 2021. Along with her vocals and visuals, she is also known for the quirky hairstyles and colors with which she has experimented so far. She is known to carry every hairstyle and hair color with sass and confidence. Some of her popular hair colors are natural brown, hot pink, brown base with blonde highlights, blonde with green highlights, brunette, purple, pastel orange, light brown, and caramel brown.


9. Minhyuk

The 29-year-old k-pop idol is a singer and member of the boy band Monsta X. Since his debut in 2014, he has gone on to expand his career through solo works, songwriting, and as an MC. He is also recognized for the varied hair colors he has pulled off with the group's comebacks and new releases. He has left his fans swooning over him for the different hair colors like blue, brown, peachy blonde, red, silver, rainbow shade, etc.


10. Hani

She is a 30-year-old singer, actress, and entertainer. Hani marked the start of her career with the girl group EXID in 2012. Along with her excellent performances, she is known for the exquisite hair colors that she pulls off like a goddess. Her red-colored hair is one of the most viral hair colors among the ones she has done. Since her debut, Hani has surprised her fans with different hair colors, including mint green, pretty lilac, hot red, golden brown, silver grey, and dark brown.