Article: Top 10 Ice Cream Couples Of Korean Drama Industry

Korean dramas, colloquially referred to as K-dramas, exhibit a rather uncanny proficiency in whisking their fervent viewers away to a realm permeated with a tapestry of sentiments – be it the intoxicating allure of romance, the riveting intensity of drama, or the tantalizingly vivid imagery of delectable gastronomy. Amidst this cinematic symphony of sensations, one indulgent delight, in particular, enjoys a paramount and cherished position – the ethereal frozen confection known to all as ice cream. These frosty, creamy creations assume roles ranging from humble yet potent catalysts of emotional intimacy to soothing sanctuaries for beleaguered souls. In this narrative odyssey through the realms of Korean drama, we shall traverse the frozen landscapes of ten captivating ice cream moments, each endowed with the power to evoke an insatiable yearning, not just for the allure of frozen delights but for the profound depths of love itself.

1. Ri Jeong-Hyok And Yoon Se-Ri In Crash Landing On You

Crash Landing On The Moon is arguably one of the most-watched Korean dramas. It portrays the story of a woman who accidentally lands in North Korea and meets North Korean captain Ri Jeong-Hyok. She tries to flee the law after being discovered by the former captain, is unsuccessful in the attempt. Ri Jeong-Hyok makes numerous risky sacrifices to assist her in doing this. The drama witnesses some mind-blowing scenes like crossing the border and many more. Their chemistry in the show can no longer be denied as the couple is officially married now.

2. Yoo Shi-Jin And Kang Mo-Yeon In Descendants Of The Sun

If action-packed romances have taught us anything, nothing ignites passion like a string of life-or-death situations. It follows the story of the South Korean Captain Yoo Shi-Jin and Kang Mo-yeon of the Haesung Hospital. For both of them, it is love at first sight as the former flirts his way into a date. While working together under difficult circumstances, the two are naturally drawn towards each other. In a stormy yet electric equation, the two deal with near-death encounters, rescue each other's lives, and sacrifice everything to be with each other.

3. Lee Young Joon And Kim Mi So In What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

One of the most famous couples in Kdrama history is our choice to kick off this list. An arrogant, knowledgeable, and stylish chairman named Lee Young Joon relies on Kim Mi Soo, his devoted secretary, to maintain his level of excellence. He spends a lot of time figuring out why she decided to leave after working with him for nine years. Additionally, he creates several absurd situations to persuade her to stay. He gradually wins her over by being sincere and dependable along the way. The chemistry between the two is unconditional and there are enough flirtatious exchanges to get your heart racing.

4. Park Bong-soo And Chae Young-shin In Healer

Healer, another fast-paced story that ignited the flames, depicts the life of a night courier who sneakily transfers valuable goods for wealthy customers. He disguises himself as Park Bong-Soo, an ambitious reporter, to get close to Chae Young-Shin, a female who works as an entertainment journalist for a small-time publication when he's assigned to find her. The two come to appreciate and feel a loving fondness for one another. In addition, it's endearing to see how inseparable they become while they're together. Their chemistry is on another level, which is one of the reasons for the show being hit.

5. Noh Ji-Wook And Eun Bong-Hee In Suspicious Partner

Prosecutor Noh Ji-Wook and legal intern Eun Bong-Hee had a rocky start to their relationship in the popular romantic Korean courtroom drama Suspicious Partner when the latter mistakes the former for a pervert in the subway. They cross paths once more at work, Ji-Wook serving as Bong-Hee's mentor. Things change, though, when she is charged with murder and is left with just him for support. As they pursue a hazardous criminal while joking about and taking care of each other while intoxicated, the two fall in love. The two exchange knowing glances, engage in constant banter, declare their emotions for one another, and pretend to be each other's partners to gain favor.

6. Hong Do-Sik And Yoon Hye-Jun In Hometown Cha Cha Cha

This features multi-talented Hong Do-sik and dentist Yoon Hye-Jun. The two although started with a rocky start but gradually found pace in each other. The two manage to meet the parents and feelings of envy when Hye-Jin's former college friend and hotshot television director shows interest in her. They also enjoy the dreamiest confessions, low-key dates, charming drunken nights, and low-key dates. The couple has such a soothing and calming charm.

7. Vincenzo And Hong Cha Young In Vincenzo

The leads in Vincenzo have hot chemistry together, making them one of the underestimated pairs in the Korean drama community. The story revolves around an Italian mafia with a tumultuous past who returns to his native South Korea to fulfill some unfinished business. There, he teams up with eccentric lawyer Hong Cha Young and becomes embroiled in a battle against a corrupt corporation. But following a tragic event, they start cooperating and develop into one of the greatest comedy teams ever. The two are one of the most iconic couples of the kdrama history.

8. Do Bong Soon And Min Hyuk In Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Do Bong Soon desires to be a video game star and is a woman with superhuman power. She meets Min Hyuk, the CEO of a gaming firm, and he hires her to serve as his personal bodyguard. While collaborating to solve a series of crimes and deal with threats made against Min Hyuk, the two fall in love. They joke around, pretend to be lovers, and look out for one another. Sparks erupt when Min Hyuk puts his life in danger for Bong Soon. There is also plenty of love and tender dates to go around. This couple won't let you down if puppy love chemistry is what you're looking for.

9. Kim Bok Joo And Jung Joon Hyung In Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

It follows the story of a swimmer Jung Joon Hyung and aspiring weightlifter Kim Bok Joo, both of whom want to attend a university that will support them in achieving their goals. They fall in love while juggling their various occupations. Despite having different personalities, they manage to maintain their connection. It includes thoughtful gifts, outward signs of devotion, jealousy, and reliability. They are one of the most beloved couples in the Kdrama community. The drama has so many funny scenes that will literally make you laugh out loud.

10. Lim Ju Gyeong And Lee Su Ho In True Beauty

It follows the story of Suho and Jugyeong who have traveled far to be together. Jugyeong was always insecure about her looks and therefore covers her face with make up all the time. When Suho gets to know about secret, he comforts and helps her in keeping it a secret. The two gradually starts dating and loves each other beyond all the odds. Your heart will be set aflutter by the sweet romance, which will keep you entertained throughout. It is one of the best couples that will give you some of the most classic moments.