Article: Top 10 Best Dramas Of Lee Dong Wook

Lee Dong Wook is every girl’s crush, and no one can deny it. With his undeniably good looks, a deep voice, and humble personality, he’s the love of our lives. His dramas are always a must-watch, and his acting is just downright spectacular. He does justice to each role and is a treat to behold (literally.) Here are the top 10 of his dramas you need to watch.

1. Strangers From Hell

Lee Dong Wook's portrayal of Seo Moon Jo in Strangers from Hell is phenomenal. He embodies the psychopathic killer perfectly, making viewers feel uneasy and terrified. This role showcases his exceptional acting skills, making it one of his best performances. You will love every minute of this mind-twisting drama.

2. Bad And Crazy

Lee Dong Wook rocks as Soo Yeol in Bad and Crazy. He's the bad boy cop with a serious redemption story. Dong Wook brings the laughs, the quirks, and that perfect shade of gray to his character. You will be hooked to this show.

3. Goblin

Lee Dong Wook shines as the Grim Reaper in Goblin. He's got the comedy, the emotions, and an excellent and adorable bromance with Kim Shin. His chemistry with Sunny is on fire. Get ready to fall in love with his character. He’s the absolute cutest.

4. Tale Of The Nine-Tailed Season 1 And 2

Lee Dong Wook rocks as Lee Yeon, a nine-tailed fox. His mix of sarcasm, humor, and angst is spot-on. He's the perfect fit for this enigmatic trickster. You'll love his performance and his bromance with his brother, especially in the second season.

5. Touch Your Heart

Lee Dong Wook as Jung Rok may come off as rude and cold, but beneath that exterior, he's a kind, dedicated, hardworking, and introverted attorney. Dong Wook's acting captures Jung Rok's character perfectly. You'll be impressed, and blush at his romantic gestures for the female lead. He’s adorable in this drama and you’ll surely fall for him.

6. Life

Lee Dong Wook nails it as Ye Jin Woo in this medical drama. Amid hospital drama and power struggles, he plays this calm and caring doctor who's just trying to do the right thing. Plus, the brotherly bond in the show is super touching. You'll be rooting for him big time.

7. Scent Of A Woman

Lee Dong Wook rocks as Kang Ji Wook in this rom-com with a twist. His character goes from Mr. Routine to someone who's all about embracing life. Kang Ji Wook becomes Lee Yeon Jae's rock and love in her tough times. Dong Wook's acting will have you smiling, tearing up, and swooning.

8. Hotel King

Lee Dong Wook shines as Cha Jae Wan / Hyun Woo in this dramatic tale of love, revenge, and hotel management. His character starts off as cold and distant, but as his story unfolds, you can't help but root for him. It’s a fabulous enemies to lovers, and Lee Dong Wook is the perfect possessive male lead.

9. My Girl

Lee Dong Wook is terrific as the charming, handsome, and wealthy Gong Chan. He's searching for his missing cousin, and things get wild when he meets Yoo Rin. Love, mistaken identities, and tangled relationships? You bet! Dong Wook's performance adds heart to this fun story.

10. Heaven’s Order

Lee Dong Wook amazes the audience as Choi Won in this Joseon-era medical thriller. His character is a compassionate genius who is fighting to save his daughter while getting embroiled in palace intrigue. Dong Wook's flawless acting and portrayal of a loving father make this a must-watch drama.