Article: Ten Korean Shows That Are Mainly About Money

We know that money isn’t the only thing in life. There are many other things of greater importance in life. But we also know that money is a necessary thing. We can’t lead our lives without it. Here are few shows where money changes the lives of leads.

1. Money Heist: Joint Economic Area

This show is the remake of the popular Spanish series of the same name. In this drama, North and South Korea have been unified. The 'Korean' Professor plans a heist based on the one in Spain. The police need to find the ones behind the heist and also save the hostages.


2. Squid Game

The globally popular show is about a survival game. The participants are all in desperate need of money and decide to take part in the game. The games they have to play are not something strange, but these are the games played in everyone's childhood. The horrifying thing is that the ones who lose aren't sent home but are killed.


3. Little Women

The drama is about three sisters who are the only ones for each other. When the eldest sister comes across a huge sum of money she thinks that their sufferings will disappear. But the money only brings more difficulty and as the show progresses, they start fighting for their lives.


4. Money Game

The drama is about civil workers who need to prevent a disaster that is going to affect the country. The Government of South Korea is worried that the country will face a financial crisis just like the one in 1997. Three individuals belonging to the 'Financial Services Commission' and the 'Ministry of Finance,' work hard to prevent this crisis.


5. Incarnation Of Money

The drama is about a prosecutor who discovers that his job is no more about justice, but a profession that encourages corruption. He gets involved with a loan shark's daughter, who financially supported his education and demands her investment back. Very soon he also gets to know about his family.


6. Money Flower

The drama is about love and greed. A loyal employee plans to get a medal-winning swimmer to the heir of the family he has served. But he soon starts falling in love with her. The main characters in the drama think that they can control everything with money but money controls them.


7. The Golden Empire

The drama is about a wealthy family that is recovering from the financial crisis in South Korea. It involves different generations of the family and how they deal with the situation. Three people who are related to the family try to gain power and rise to the top of the business world.


8. Good Manager

The show is about an accountant who helps frauds and occasionally ends up in jail. Trying to do something big, he attends an interview and becomes a manager. He plans to make money but discovers that the company is corrupt and doesn't mind killing people. He takes the responsibility to save his team.


9. Midas

The drama tells the story of a lawyer who has had a difficult life. His only dream is to lead be happy with his long-time girlfriend. As he becomes a part of the legal team of a popular company, he starts getting greedy. Soon his dreams change.


10. Misaeng: Incomplete Life

The drama is about a trading company called One International. A man with a diploma gets a job here but his dream was to become a 'Baduk' player. Soon he needs to understand the corporate world, get along with his colleagues and also learn to trade.