Article: Best Mystery Romance Korean Movies Of All Time

The Korean entertainment industry has gained global attention for its entertaining content. Koreans have been producing movies in various genres and seamlessly blending two different genres. One of such blends is the mixture of mystery and romance. Many excellent movies that have perfected the mystery romance genre. From heartwarming romance of the characters to the mystery element of the story, manages to captivate the audience’s attention. These movies are also challenging for the actors as they have to switch their emotions according to the genres. If you are someone who loves blends of different genres, then here is the list of best mystery romance Korean movies of all time.

1. Decision To Leave

Decision to Leave is a Korean mystery romance movie released in 2022. The film revolves around the investigation of series of murders which in turn connected to one person. Jang Hae Jun works in Busan as a detective. One day, he is assigned with a murder case of a retired immigration officer Ki Do Soo. His body was found at the foot of the mountain that he often climbed. At first, he suspected Do Soo’s wife Song Seo Rae, because of the insufficient grief shown by her and scratches and bruises in her hands and legs. But soon she was free from all the doubts as evidence was found of her in some other place in the time of Do Soo’s death. Later in the story, one more murder happened where Seo Rae had connections.

2. Color Rush

Color Rush is a romantic mystery movie released in 2021. The film revolves around a fantasy world where people cannot see colors and can only see colors after meeting their soulmates. Yeon Woo is a Mono, which means he can only see things in varying shades of white, grey, and black. He had never experienced colors. His life changes when he meets Yoo Han. After meeting Yoo Han, Yeon Woo had a color rush, he can see colors now. But he tries to keep his distance from him to avoid getting too attached to Yoo Han. Mysteriously, Yoo Han keeps getting closer to Yeon Woo.

3. Blue Birthday

Blue Birthday is a romantic mystery drama released in 2022. The movie revolves around Oh Ha Rin and the mysterious death of her boyfriend. Oh Ha Rin discovers mysterious photos left by her boyfriend, who self-harmed on her birthday, ten years ago. She now works at an abandoned pet shelter. On 10th anniversary of the incident, she discovers the photographs and that made her sad. She then starts to burn these photos and mysteriously travels to ten years back when the picture was taken.

4. Vanishing

Vanishing is a Korean mystery romance movie released in 2022. The drama revolves around a forensic scientist and a detective. Alice is a forensic scientist who invented revolutionary technique for restoring damaged corpse. She visits South Korea to attend a conference but, receives a request to perform autopsy on a corpse found in a river. The detective in charge of the case was Jin Ho. After performing the autopsy, they discovered that this case was closely related to organ trafficking. These two now work together to find the truth of an international criminal organization.

5. Color Rush 2

Color Rush 2 is a mystery romance drama released in 2022. The base of the story is similar to the first part. In the second part of the movie is, as Yeon Woo and Yoo Han got close to each other, Yoo Han suddenly disappeared one day, with his mother. Yeon Woo then starts the quest to find him and his mother. He then gets the help of Se Hyun, but Se Hyun also has a hidden motive behind his help.

6. Life Risking Romance

Life Risking Romance is a romance mystery movie released in 2016. The film revolves around the quest of a novelist and a cop to find the truth about a suspected killer. Han Ha In is a mystery novelist who often pranks the police with false calls. Her childhood friend is Rok Hwan, a cop and also has a crush on Je In. one day, Je In hears a scream from an apartment upstairs. She reported it to the police, but unsurprisingly, no one believed her. She then informs Rok Hwan about the incident and starts to follow the handsome man who was living in that apartment. In the quest of finding the truth, Je In began to fall for him which made Rok Hwan jealous.

7. The Recipe

The Recipe is a mystery romance movie released in 2010. The film revolves around a television producer, Choi Yoo Jin. A murder on a death row request for doenjang jjigae, a soybean paste soup, made by a woman named Jang Hye Jin as his last meal. Yoo Jin wanted to know more about Jang and her recipe, so he started investigating more about it. He finds out that the criminal was caught when he was entering the kitchen with doenjang jjigae cooking and even the officers froze by the captivating scent of the stew. Yoon Jin, went on a quest to find Hye Jin only to discover that she died while searching for her lover Kim Hyun Soo.

8. Perfect Number

Perfect Number is a mystery romance movie released in 2012. The film revolves around a genius mathematician and his neighbor. Kim Seok Go was a math genius in his school but in his 30s he is living a modest life of a high school math teacher. His neighbor is Baek Hwan Sun, a café employee he buys lunch. One day, he heard Hwan Sun’s ex-husband mercilessly beating her. In the altercation, she murders him. Seok Go then uses his mathematics abilities to make a perfect alibi for her and releases her from all the charges. But the detective in charge still thinks her as murderer and began to investigate into it.

9. Remember You

Remember You is a mystery romance movie released in 2016. The film tells the story of a man who has lost his memory. Seok Won has lost the years of his memory after getting into a car accident. He is now unable to recognize his family, friends, and even himself. He them meets a woman named Ji Young at a psychiatric clinic and started to shed tears as she stares at him, although he could not recognize her. They start dating and as they prepare their future as a couple, Seok Won’s past starts to appear.

10. Burning

Burning is a romance mystery movie released in 2018. The film revolves around a part-time worker named Jong Su. One day, he bumped into Hae Min, who used to live in the same neighborhood. Hae Min asks Jong Su for a favor, to look after her cat while she went on a trip to Africa. After returning from Africa, she introduces Jong Su to Ben, whom she met on her journey. The three started to get along until Ben confessed his hobby of burning down green houses, while he was in an intoxicated state.