Article: 10 Manhwas That Got Live Adaptations

The past few decades have seen countless live adaptations of our favourite comics and Webtoons. If you are a fan of webcomics, you must know the absolute delight of discovering that your favourite manhwa is getting a live adaptation. Or perhaps you really want more of the very mind-blowing K-Drama that you just watched, and you find out it has a manhwa, too! If you are such a person, look no further, for here are ten notable and famous K-dramas adapted from manhwas.

1. Cheese In The Trap

Cheese in the Trap was released as a drama series in 2016, but initially, it was a manhwa (on Webtoon) by Soon Ggi. It is a classic love story between two characters who come from completely different social backgrounds: Hong Seol, the poor but hardworking protagonist, and Yoo Jung, the spoilt, rich, and haughty male lead. Initially, Yoo Jung is very cruel to Hong Seol and drives her away from school. Yet, once they reunite in college, he starts being nice to her and goes as far as to ask her on a date. These complex situations make the story engaging and enjoyable.

2. True Beauty

In 2021, True Beauty became a massive hit with its attractive casting of Moon Gayoung, Cha Eunwoo, and Hwang Inyoup. The original manhwa, of the same name, is set in a high school and deals with a love triangle that will leave us frustrated. The protagonist, Lim Jukyung, has been bullied throughout her life for being "ugly," and she decides to transform herself before stepping into her new school. With make-up, she not only manages to become popular in school but also gains the attention of the two handsome guys in her class. The primary focus of the drama lies in the idea that true beauty lies on the inside, as the protagonist herself realises "transformation" cannot solve all her problems.

3. Lucky Romance

This 2016 drama was on a manhwa on Naver Webtoon of the same name. The story gained popularity by showcasing the relationship between people of two entirely different personalities. Shim Bonui is a superstitious woman, while Je Sooho is a very calculative and logical game developer. The lead roles are played by Hwang Jungeum and Ryu Junyeol. This romantic comedy is bound to make you laugh.

4. Semantic Error

Semantic Error was adapted from a manhwa of the same name. Said manhwa is still ongoing. This adaptation has been much anticipated by all BL fans since its announcement. It displays the developments between two college students, Sangwoo and Jaeyoung, who were initially incapable of understanding each other. However, as they grow closer, the story takes various turns— both sweet and angsty. Most importantly, the chemistry between the two leads enhances the drama. The manhwa recently started its third season, but the drama is complete with a sweet, sweet ending.

5. Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Cherry Blossoms After Winter was first released as a manhwa. Then, it was adapted into a K-Drama (of the same name) in 2022. Although the story might sound cliche, this drama hits us in all the right spots! The drama follows the course of the manhwa and has two seasons— one based in high school and one in college. Follow the story of two childhood friends as they slowly grow into their love for each other and start a secret relationship against all the adversities of their world. The drama even ends with a proposal!

6. The Tale Of Nokdu

Cross-dressing drama lovers, it's your time to shine! The Tale of Nokdu is a K-drama that was adapted in 2019 and takes place in the Joseon Dynasty. It is based on a manhwa by Hye Jinyang. The story is of a man who wishes to uncover the mystery surrounding his birth. During his mission, he decides to disguise himself as a woman to infiltrate a village exclusive to women. There, he meets a girl desperate to escape her fate of becoming a kisaeng. Jang Dongyoon, the actor for Nokdu, embodies his female disguise flawlessly.

7. Itaewon Class

From the get-go, Itaewon Class found fame with its unique plotline. In the drama adaptation, Park Seojoon and Kim Dami—who played the roles of Park Saeroyi and Jo Yiso, respectively— made fans swoon with their strong chemistry. Unboutedly, his drama was a favourite in 2020. The story is of an ex-delinquent with anger issues. After serving a sentence on wrongful charges he decides to take revenge uniquely.  The manhwa for this drama has the same name as Naver Webtoon.

8. All Of Us Are Dead

COVID-19 and lockdown gathered special attention on dramas that deal with zombie apocalypses. It was due to their stark similarities to reality. All of Us Are Dead—based initially on a manhwa of the same name— has its plot in its title. A wrong scientific experiment starts a zombie outbreak at a fictional South Korean high school. The event effectively traps the students in a battle of life and death. The manhwa is accessible on Naver Webtoon with Joo Donggeun as the author.

9. A Business Proposal

If you've watched the 2023 hit Business Proposal, then this is your sign to read the original manhwa by HawHwa on Webtoon. The casting of the adaptation garnered attention with its pairing of Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hyoseop. The genre is romantic comedy, so expect humour, hilarious disguises, and the chemistry between the two leads! The fake dating contract between the two leads only makes the plot more interesting.

10. Once Upon A Small Town

A soothing, sweet, and calm love story with a dash of humour and the classic cliches of romantic comedies in K-Drama, Once Upon A Small Town is for people who are looking for something soft, sweet, and heart-fluttering. It takes place in a small countryside town as a hotshot city veterinarian finds himself trapped in his grandfather's clinic, which specialises in treatments given to village farm animals. Along the way, he starts falling for the friendly local policewoman only to realise they have a deeper connection than he had imagined.