Article: 10 Korean Celebrities From The LGBTQ Community

Korea is recognized for its sensitivity. Despite its modern way of life, people are highly interested in maintaining their culture and faith. In this contemporary period, the LGBT community, representing persons with varied sexualities, embraces, promotes, and prides themselves in individuality, and combats discrimination. Here are some Korean artists who own, and are proud of their sexuality.

1. Maman

Park Min-young, also known as Maman or Magoply, was born on 29th July 1985. For four years, she worked as a trainee at SM Entertainment; and later signed up with Jerry Entertainment. She prefers not showing her face. She wants to get recognized by her voice and her song, and not by her appearance. Magoply debuted on 8th February 2007 under Jerry Entertainment and was featured in super junior. She declared to be a homosexual in an interview shortly after her debut; which was why the company fired her and deleted everything about her. Later, she was hired by a new company and she released her music video in 2015 titled Obvious Story.


2. Aquinas

Kang Min-soo was part of the Korean television show High School Rapper, securing the second position. He took part in the rap competition show “Show Me the Money” in 2016. On 13th July 2021, Aquinas posted a stylish rainbow flag with ‘I am Bisexual’ written on it in English and Korean. Later he posted an encouraging message both in Korean and English stating how hard it is to announce you are from the LGBT community and to support the same.


3. Holland

Go Tae-seob, whose stage name is Holland, is a South Korean singer who was born on 4th March 1996. He was the first Korean pop idol of this generation to admit to being gay openly. He received much criticism and discrimination; and even considered suicide. In 2008, he made his debut without any agency, as agencies didn’t want to take someone who would speak about sexual minorities. But his audience liked and inspired him to pursue his career as a singer and express himself through his songs.


4. Som Hye In

Som Hye - in was born on 27th November 1996. Currently, she is a model and a solo artist. She was a former participant in the survival show Middle School. Hye - debuted on 23rd May 2019. Later on 31st July 2019, she confirmed that she is bisexual and posted a picture of her girlfriend. Her former classmate revealed that she went through violent bullying during middle school. After a year she broke up and announced the news to her followers; to which fans wished her strength and happiness.


5. Marshall Bang

Marshall Bang, also known as MRSLL, a Korean - American songwriter and singer, was born in Orange Country, United States. He debuted on 5th June 2018. In 2018, he revealed that he was gay. He came to Korea to pursue his dream of becoming a pop star. His friends had advised him to keep his sexuality secret; but he was/is proud of his identity.


6. Jiae

A South Korean singer and a former member of Wassup, Jiae, was born on 31st October 1995. She debuted in 2013 as the main vocalist in the group. Later in 2019, she was disbanded from the group. Then, she became a solo artist in YouTube. In January 2020, she revealed she is bisexual, posting a story on Instagram, stating that she loves men and women and that she is lucky to have a beautiful woman. She also exclaimed that love is love. Her fans showered her with love and support.


7. Hansol

Hansol is a South Korean singer and a former member of the boy band Topp Dogg in which was a vocalist. He was born on 15th June 1993. In an Instagram live in the year 2017, he confessed that he is asexual. He claimed he is not attracted to anyone: neither men nor women. He also stated that he likes himself.


8. Hyeong Seong

Yang Hyeong Seong is a South Korean singer who was born on 20th November 1988. He was a part of the DIP band under BD Entertainment as a lead vocalist. He debuted in 2016. Later in 2016, he left the band. Hyeong Seong openly confessed that he is bisexual and that he gets attracted towards both men and women, through his Facebook account.


9. Kwon Do Woon

Kwon Do Woon is a South Korean songwriter and singer. He debuted in 2010 under Trot. In October 2020, Kwon, through his agency, released a statement mentioning that he represents the LGBT community. He also said that he became aware of his sexuality when he was just seven, and that it felt fresh and grateful after coming out. After seven months of the announcement, he revealed the identity of his boyfriend; though later they broke up.


10. Seungho And B-Nish

Seungho was born in 1991 and B - Nish was born in 1995. They debuted in November 2016 in the band DIP as a vocal artist and rapper. According to Seungho, the two have been secretly in love for many years and were quite serious about their relationship; though they didn’t discuss it openly. In the year 2018, both left the group. After many years of dating, the pair exposed their love during a live stream.