Article: 10 Funny K Pop Idols

Social media has actively contributed to bringing out the funny sides of Kpop Idols. These Kpop artists are famous for their unparalleled talent and humor. They give fans joy and laughter. They may not be professional comedians but can consider it a future alternative. These celebrities don’t let rude comments affect them and continue shining and being funny. These artists will make you laugh with their sarcasm, wit, and confidence. We promise you won’t be disappointed. We have brought in a list of quick-witted personalities from Korea, and you won't be disappointed. These celebrities swear to leave you amazed by their talent and brilliant sense of humor. 

1. Jackson Wang

Jackson is a member of the Kpop group Got7 and a solo artist. He is outgoing and amiable. He is hilarious, and his carefree personality makes it easier for people to relate to him. Jackson’s reactions are always comical and meme material. 


2. Jin

Seokjin is a member of the boy band BTS. He used nerdy and sarcastic jokes. He is proud of his handsome face and talks about it without missing a chance. He made a song about fishing, and it left people cracking up. 


3. Seungkwan

Seungkwan is a member of Seventeen. He doesn't shy away from dancing in front of the camera. Seungkwan is well known for attempting English translations. These translations are comical and will leave you laughing. He always stands out and is an extrovert. 


4. Bambam

Bambam is a member of the boy band Got7. He is one of the most entertaining idols working today. Bambam is known for his hilarious replies to fan tweets and funny Twitter comments. He is an expert at making jokes about his fellow group members. 


5. Jisoo

Jisoo is a member of the girl band Blackpink. She isn’t very fluent in English, but she tries hard. The attempts are hysterical and entertaining. She occasionally does Vlives, and she brings out her funny side.


6. Keeho

Keeho is a member of the boy band P1 Harmony. He is known for his savage replies and TikToks. Keeho lets his personality shine through his witty response to fans on Vlive. He posts hilarious duets with his members on Tiktok. 


7. Jessi

Jessi is one of the most confident K-pop artists out there. She doesn’t let any negative opinion define her. People love Jessi for her easy-going and extremely relatable personality. She is known for posting dance videos with famous Kpop idols


8. Bang Chan

Bang Chan is a member of Stray Kidz. He is charming and funny. Bang Chan uses Tiktok to bring out his hilarious side. He gives his fans advice and gives an insight into his busy schedule. He is inherently funny as well as wise. 


9. Yeonjun

Yeonjun is a member of TXT. Genz fans love Yeonjun for posting famous Tik Tok dances and skits. He shares humorous backstage moments with fellow bandmates. Yeonjun’s expressions are worthy meme materials. 


10. J Hope

J Hope is a member of the boy band BTS. He has many friends in the music industry. He shares the ups and downs of his life with fans which makes him relatable. J Hope’s vibrant and humble personality shines in a variety of shows.