Article: Top 10 Chinese Movies That We Didn’t Know Were Remakes

With globalization, audiences have access to more films from every continent. With the proliferation of foreign films, the Chinese entertainment industry has had to gather more stories for the big screen allowing for a diverse collection of representations. Here are the top ten remade Chinese movies inspired by foreign films: 

1. Sheep Without A Shepherd

Released: 5 December 2019

Director: Sam Quah

Box Office: $199.2 million

Inspired from: Movie Drishyam (Malayalam)

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Drama


A man takes desperate measures to save his family from the injustice and police hard-handedness after they commit an unexpected crime. 


2. Endgame

Released: 12 February 2021

Director: Rao Xiaozhi

Box Office: $ 117.75 million

Inspired from: Key of Life (Japanese movie by Kenji Uchida)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime


Chen XXiaomeng is a theater actor whose career and life are in shambles. He tries to attempt suicide but fails. When he visits a local bathhouse, he accidentally causes a man to lose his memory and decides to take on his identity but discovers that he was an assassin. He gets forced to take on the assassin's missions and gets entangled in messy and complicated ways.


3. 12 Citizens

Release: 15 May 2015

Director: Xu Ang

Box Office: CN2.07 million

Inspired by: Twelve Angry Men (American Drama) by Reginald Rose

Genre: Crime, Drama


A controversial case breaks out where a young man from a rich-adopted family murdered his birth father. An experiment was held in the form of a virtual court inside a college to discuss the topic. During the process, 12 Chinese people got together and discussed the case like a jury. The main character asks complex and thought-provoking questions for people to begin to think critically. People from different classes commence a discussion about the common mistake we make when judgments and prejudices enter the picture. The movie sheds light on social issues and tries to provoke an alternative perspective through conversations. It is a comedy film that is serious in content but entertaining in form.


4. Everybody's Fine

Released: 1 January 2016

Director: Zhang Meng

Box Office: $3.71 million

Inspired from: 1990 Italian Drama by Giuseppe Tornatore- Everybody's Fine

Genre: Drama


This remake is an emotionally stirring film that shows a widower's visits to his four children who live in different cities. It reflects an intimate look at the struggles of the young generation in a nation transitioning from a collective past to a materialistic future.


5. What Women Want

Released: 3 February 2011

Director: Chen Daming

Box Office: 

Inspired by: What Women Want (American film 2000) by Josh Goldsmith, Cathy Yuspa, and Diane Drake

Genre: Romantic, Comedy


Due to a freak accident, Sun Zigang, an ad agency creative director, gets the ability to hear women's thoughts. It helps him when he gets a new competition with Li Yilong.


6. My Love

Released: 30 April 2021

Director: Han Tian

Box Office: $114 million

Inspired by: the 2018 South Korean film On Your Wedding Day

Genre: Romantic, Comedy


During high school, Zhou Xioaqi falls in love with You Yougci, a transfer student. But the girl leaves without even saying goodbye. After 15 years, he still remembers and pines for her.


7. Bride Wars

Released: 20 August 2015

Director: Tony Chan

Box Office: $27.6 million

Inspired from: 2009's American black comedy Bride Wars

Genre: Romance, Comedy


Two brides-to-be keep their friendship at stake when they battle it out for the perfect wedding scheduled on the same day.


8. Beautiful Accident

Released: 2 June 2017

Director: Ho Wi Ding

Box Office: $1.6 million

Inspired by: the 2015 South Korean film Wonderful Nightmare

Genre: Comedy, Drama


A single and career-driven lawyer dies prematurely in a car crash but returns to life for a week as a wife and mother of 2 children before she can take on the role of a lawyer again.


9. First Time

Released: 8 June 2012

Director: Han Yan

Inspired by: the 2003 South Korean film ""

Genre: Romance, Drama


A girl suffers from a neuromuscular disease that her father died of, and the medication causes her memory to lapse. But despite that, she dreams of becoming a ballet dancer. She meets a boy who got family problems and wants to become a rock band singer.


10. Only You 

Released: 24 July 2015

Director: Zhang Hao

Box Office: $10.71 million

Inspired from: 1994 American romantic comedy Only You

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama


A woman, unhappy with her fiance, travels to Italy and finds her true love, but all she knows about him is his name.