Article: 10 Famous Korean Celebrity Cameos In K-Dramas

With their unique ideas and fantastic acting, Korean dramas are quickly capturing people's hearts. What else capture the hearts of its fans are the well-known Korean celebrities, who, with their talent and good looks, make the show a huge success. Cameos are frequently used to create a surprise element that intrigues viewers. Here are the top ten most popular Korean celebrity cameos in K-dramas.

1. Lee JoonGi - Hotel Del Luna

Hotel DelLuna gained a lot of viewers for its fantasy storyline, but what also made the viewers pause their screens was the cameo appearance of Lee JoonGi. Lee Joon Gi and Lu have been close friends since their drama Scarlet Heart Ryeo. He made his appearance in episode 3 after Lu’s character gave him the ability to see ghosts, he became an exorcist and swore to hunt down dangerous ghosts and that he wouldn’t accept her offer to join her hotel before he catches that ghost.


2. Kim Sung Cheol - Vincenzo

Kim Sung Cheol also made his cameo appearance in the 2020 hit drama Vincenzo as a morally corrupt wealthy heir named Hwang Min Seong who is also gay. Soong Joon Ki’s character had to get close to him to achieve his goal in the movie.


3. Lee Jae Wook And Kim Hye Yoon - True Beauty

Another much-loved cameo was of Lee Jae Wook and Kim Hye Yoon in the drama True Beauty, directed by Kim Sang Hyub, who had also directed the drama Extraordinary You. They made a cameo re-enacting their roles as Kim Hye Yoon is chasing after Haru in a movie theatre. This cameo also indicated that both dramas were adapted by webtoons.


4. Park Bo Gum -Itaewon Class

Itaewon class became a massive hit amongst viewers worldwide because of its unconventional yet motivating plot. Park Bogum made a cameo towards the end of the drama and applies for a job at the restaurant that Kwon Nara’s character had opened.


5. Jung Hae In - Goblin

Goblin is yet again a widely popular drama that captured the hearts of people with its amazing storyline and characters. Jung HaeIn who was a rising rookie star actor at that time did a cameo appearance as Tae Hee, Kim Go Eun’ssunbae. His visuals gained much attention and love from the audience not to forget his memorable acting.


6. Jung So Min And Seo In Guk- Abyss

The cast of smiles has left your eyes; Jung So Min and SeoInGuk also made a cameo in the drama Abyss. They played the role of grim reapers, and could revive the dead with the help of abyss balls. Their chemistry was immaculate which left fans wanting more of their appearances in the drama.


7. Suzy- My Love From Another Star

My love for another star is a part of a classic drama that became famous, which is immense. Kim Soo Hyun and Bae Suzy had made their fans excited with their chemistry in the drama Dream High, after which she returned with a cameo in his next drama. Bae Suzy has a brief cameo appearance in the drama as Go HyeMi, Sam Dong’s girlfriend.


8. Yoo Ah In –Descendants Of The Sun

'Descendants of the Sun' is yet another masterpiece that was loved by audiences all around the world. Yoo ah had a cameo appearance as a close friend of Song Hye Kyo and took the time to take up the role as a banker.


9. Kim Soo Hyun - Crash Landing On You

Crashlanding on you was a much-loved drama of 2020 with a great storyline. Kim Soo Hyun made a cameo appearance in the drama, which made the viewers appreciate the drama a little more.


10. Lee Jong Suk – Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Another memorable drama was Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, with another special cameo of Lee Jong Suk who appeared as a close friend of Lee Sung Kyung and gave his best for his brief role.