Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas With No Breakups

Are you ready to see couples who have remained together for a long time without breaking up? It takes a lot more work and emotion to keep a relationship intact than it does to allow it to disintegrate. Watch these The Top 10 Chinese Dramas that Don’t Have Couple Breakups.

1. Love 020

Love 020 is a typical example of an idol drama where you can find the ideal handsome character without even the slightest fault. Xiao Nai falls in love at first sight with a great player named Weiwei, who started with a virtual marriage for their guild in real life. Love rivals are fighting in their relationship. It does not affect them because they remain together until the end.

2. Perfect And Casual

Arranged marriages typically have a rough beginning, but not this one. Perhaps this is because Zhang Xin Yan and Yun Shu were already married when they got married, which made it easier for them to adjust to their situation. In addition, Zhang Xi Nian’s loving and caring actions made their relationship more intimate than if they had started dating first.

3. The Eternal Love

The 8th prince of Dongyue, Mo Lian Cheng, is ordered to marry Qu Tan Er. Before the wedding can take place, she attempts suicide. Qu Tan Er did not die; instead, she woke up with the spirit of Xiao Tan, a modern-day real estate agent, inside her. They do not let the third person come between them while living in a different world and continue to chase one other.

4. Sweet Dreams 

Sweet Dreams Sweet Dreams tells the story of a florist Ling Ling Qi who meets her sweetheart Bo Hai, played by Denglun, in dreams even though they are not physically together or employed by the same business. Through sceneries full of flowers, sweet dreams create a romantic mood and transform the dull office space into fascinating, gorgeous views for the audience.

5. Love Better Than Immortality

Tell the story of a young woman from the future who is prepared to give up the rest of her life to find true love. Bored with being single since birth, Chun Hua joins a global experiment to find her soul mate. Despite being mortal rivals and poles apart, Qiu Yue and Xiao Bai each fall in love with Chun Hua. Chun Hua must choose which man has won her heart.

6. Put Your Head On My Shoulder

A student named Situ Mo is about to graduate. Gu Weiyi, a physics major, disrupts her life. They constantly bump into each other while unaware that they are gradually walking into each other’s hearts. Situ Mo and Gu Yi frequently argue even after starting dating, but they never bring up the topic of their level of love.

7. My Little Happiness

Cong Rong has long desired to become a lawyer.  Her childhood friend  Wen Shao Qing is now a surgeon and not only Cong Rong’s client but also her landlord and next-door neighbor. Cong Rong and Wen Shao Qing officially become a couple. They’ve been together virtually their entire relationship, and there hasn’t been any argument. It was possible because they were born with the same qualities.

8. You Are My Hero

Mi Ka, a doctor who had just graduated, was in a jewelry store to purchase a gift for her parents when armed robbers entered and took expensive jewels. A special SWAT squad gets sent in an explosive situation. Mi Ka first encountered the Captain of Special Forces, Xing Ke Lei. As they get to know one another better and finally start dating, a relationship forms between them.

9. My Unicorn Lady

My unicorn lady is the story of a man and woman who initially hated each other but later fell in love. To pursue her dream of attending the same university as her mother, Sang Tian willingly pretended to be a man to enroll in the ice hockey program, which only accepts male students.

10. All I Want Is Love For You

A female boxer named Gu Xiao Man admires her classmate and neighbor Zhuo An and frequently wants to be with him. Although Gu Xiaoman and Zohan are neighbors and classmates, they have never really had a deep conversation, which will be problematic for their relationship.