Article: Top Ten Japanese Actors Who Changed Their Names

Changing their name is a widespread practice in the Japanese Entertainment Industry. We have researched the Japanese actors who have changed their names and have adopted a new stage name for their profession.

1. Masaki Suda

The rising Japanese actor is the first one on this list. The actor uses the stage name Masaki Suda, whereas his actual name is Taishō Sugō. We don't know why Masaki Suda doesn't use his real name, but the stage name defines the actor the best way.


2. Hiro Mizushima

Hiro Mizushima is another actor who changed his name for the entertainment industry. The real name of Hiro Mizushima is Tomohiro Saitō. The actor is trendy due to his portrayal of several diverse characters in films and television series. Hiro Mizushima is also a great cook as he displays his unique recipes on his YouTube channel.


3. Tadanobu Asano

Tadanobu Asano is a Japanese actor. The actor does not use his birth name Tadanobu Satō. The actor is quite famous among the domestic audience and the International audience. Tadanobu has also featured in many Hollywood movies.


4. Sonny Chiba

The legendary and veteran Japanese actor Sonny Chiba did not use his birth name in the entertainment industry. Sonny Chiba's birth name is Shinichi Chiba. Chiba found international recognition as well as domestic recognition. He died at the age of 82 in 2021. Sonny Chiba was also a martial artist.


5. Makoto Iwamatsu

Makoto Iwamatsu did not change his name, but he was known as Mako professionally. The veteran Japanese actor is also a famous voice actor. The actor died in 2006 at the age of 72. The actor has a star on the Hollywood Walk of fame. Makoto Iwamatsu starred in many memorable roles in films and television.


6. Shidō Nakamura II

Shidō Nakamura is a Japanese actor and Kabuki actor. Kabuki is a form of dance drama. The actor uses the stage name Shidō Nakamura II in his professional life. His birth name is Mikihiro Ogawa. Mikihiro Ogawa is the son of the Japanese Kabuki actor, Nakamura Shidō I. It is safe to say his father's name inspired the actor's stage name.


7. Takeshi Kaga

Shigekatsu Katsuta adopted the stage name Takeshi Kaga. The Japanese actor changed his name to Takeshi Kaga. The actor doesn't use his birth name in the entertainment industry. He has been a part of the Japanese Entertainment Industry since 1972. The veteran actor has starred in several movies and television series.


8. Hiroshi Fujioka

The veteran Japanese actor Kunihiro Fujioka, professionally known as Hiroshi Fujioka, is a veteran actor. He adopted the stage name Hiroshi Fujioka. The actor is considered a cultural icon in Japan. Besides being an actor, Hiroshi Fujioka is also a voice actor. The Japanese icon has lent his voice in many films and manga series.


9. Toshiaki Karasawa

Toshiaki Karasawa is Japanese actor. He acts in the theater and movies. The Japanese actor was born with the name Kiyoshi Karasawa. Later he changed his name to Toshiaki Karasawa. He is married to the Japanese actress Tomoko Yamaguchi. 


10. Kane Kosugi

Kane Kosugi is a Japanese actor. His real name is Kane Takeshi Kosugi. Kane Kosugi is half Chinese and half Japanese. Kane Kosugi has appeared in both Japanese and American media. Kosugi is the son of the Japanese martial artist cum actor Sho Kosugi.