Article: Top Ten Japanese Actors Who Are Worth Mentioning

Some actors touch people's hearts with their acting skills or maybe for their real-life personalities. We have made a list of such Japanese actors who are worth mentioning. These Japanese actors are loved by their fans both domestically and internationally. We hope you read the full article, and who knows, your favorite actor too might be on this list. These Japanese actors indeed remain in their fan's hearts. They have remarkably contributed to the Japanese Entertainment Industry. Some of them are genuinely worth mentioning because of their great work, and some of them have an outstanding personality that needs recognition.

1. Ken Watanabe

Ken Watanabe is a well-known Japanese actor. He has charmed both international and domestic audiences. Ken Watanabe has acted in multiple films and television series. Over his career, Watanabe has starred in some viral movies such as Batman Begins, Inception, etc.


2. Kento Yamazaki

Indeed, Kento Yamazaki is a young actor, but that doesn't mean he is not worth mentioning. Kento Yamazaki is a famous Japanese actor. He has acted in multiple movies and television series. The actor has found recognition due to his acting skills. Fans love Kento Yamazaki. He sure is collecting hearts from his well-wishers.


3. Masi Oka 

We wouldn't miss Masi Oka! Masi Oka is a Japanese actor primarily known for starring in Hawaii Five - 0 and Heroes. Masi Oka predominantly acts in Hollywood projects. He is a well-known Japanese actor known for his brilliant acting skills. The actor is multilingual. Oka can speak English, Japanese and Spanish fluently.


4. Hiroyuki Sanada

This list of actors worth mentioning wouldn't be complete without Hiroyuki Sanada. Hiroyuki Sanada is a Japanese actor. Hiroyuki Sanada has acted in multiple films and television dramas. Sanada has also appeared in various Hollywood movies such as The Wolverine, 47 Ronin, Avengers: Endgame, Speed Racer, Life.


5. Takuya Kimura

Takuya Kimura is worth mentioning Japanese actor due to his notable contribution to the Japanese Entertainment Industry. Takuya Kimura is a member of the Boy band SMAP. SMAP is one of the most successful boy bands in Asia. He is also a remarkable actor. Kimura has starred in several successful movies and television series.


6. Shun Oguri

Shun Oguri is a very famous and popular Japanese actor. Oguri has starred in over 100 acting projects. He is worth mentioning for his acting abilities. He is also a great director. Shun Oguri is married to fellow actress Yu Yamada. Shun Oguri has been a common name in Japanese households since his debut in 1994.


7. Jin Akanishi

Jin Akanishi is a Japanese actor and singer. He was a member of the boy band KAT-TUN. Later he left the band to debut as a solo singer. As an actor, Jin has done various notable films and television series. 


8. Tomohisa Yamashita

Tomohisa Yamashita is a very successful actor and singer. Yamashita was a member of the band NEWS. Later he debuted as a solo singer. Tomohisa Yamashita has starred in some of the most memorable Japanese movies and television series. Yamashita has been active in the entertainment industry since 1996.


9. Takeru Satoh

Takeru Satoh is a popular name among the Japanese Entertainment Industry. Takeru Satoh is recognized for his work in the Rurouni Kenshin film series. Takeru Satoh has a solid loyal fan following. He is worth mentioning for his natural acting skills. Takeru Satoh has done several acting gigs both on television and big screen.


10. Sota Fukushi

Ending the list with the very talented Japanese actor, Sota Fukushi. He deserves a spot on this list. The actor has been rising to prominence since his debut. Fukushi has starred in popular movies and television series such as My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday, My Lover's Secret, etc. Besides his acting skills, he is also gaining popularity because of his resemblance to Korean star Lee Minho and Exo's main Dancer Kai.