Article: Top Ten Japanese Actors Who Can Sing

It's a known fact that most Japanese artists are multi-talented. Some of the Japanese actors possess the ability to sing. If you are curious whether your favorite actor can sing, keep reading to find out! In this article, we have included those Japanese artists who possess both the ability to sing and act. These Japanese actors can swoon their fans with their great-acting skills and singing skills. We are super impressed by these multi-talented actors, as everybody should! Not dragging further about their accomplishments (as much as we want to), we will start with the article.

1. Yamashita Tomahisa

The first one on this list is Yamashita Tomahisa. Tomahisa has a very successful acting career, and he can also sing! Tomahisa has acted in 20 television series and eight films. He is a solo singer. Before his solo debut, he was a part of the Japanese idol group NEWS.


2. Kimura Takuya

Japanese movie and music lovers know the icon Kimura Takuya very well. Kimura Takuya is an iconic actor cum singer in Japan. Kimura Takuya is a member of the very successful Japanese idol group SMAP. SMAP is one of the most successful boy bands in South East Asia.


3. Jun Matsumoto

Jun Matsumoto is an actor and singer. Matsumoto started his career when he was just 12 years. He debuted as an actor in 1997. After the successful debut in acting, Matsumoto debuted as a singer in 1999 as a member of the boy band Arashi.


4. Jin Akanishi

Jin Akanishi is a famous Japanese actor and musician. Akanishi is exceptionally talented as he can sing, act, write songs and is a great musician. It seems as if the list of the talent possessed by Akanishi is never-ending. Akanishi was a part of the idol group KAT-TUN. However, in 2010, he left the group. Jin Akanishi tried his luck as a solo singer, and he managed to impress his fans with his incredible ability to sing.


5. Masaharu Fukuyama

If we start listing the talent of Masaharu Fukuyama, the list will go on and on. Fukuyama is the powerhouse of talent. He is an actor, singer, songwriter, photographer, record producer, and radio personality. Masaharu is a prominent personality in J-pop (Japanese Popular Music). 


6. Ryosuke Yamada

Ryosuke Yamada is a Japanese actor who can sing. Ryosuke Yamada first appeared as an actor in the television drama Tantei Gakuen Q Special. Since then, he has starred in many roles in various theaters. Ryosuke Yamada debuted as a member of the boy group Hey! Say! Jump. 


7. Masaki Suda 

Masaki Suda is a talented actor and singer. The popularity of Masaki Suda is steadily growing. Suda debuted as an actor in 2009. Later in 2017, Masaki Suda decided to debut as a soloist and share his singing ability. Suda released his debut single titled "Never Seen Scenery."


8. Nishikido Ryo 

Nishikido Ryo, also called Ryochan, is a Japanese actor and singer. Nishikido Ryo was a member of the boy band NEWS. However, in 2011, Ryo decided to part ways with the Idol group. Ryo has acted in several films and television series. Nishikido Ryo debuted as a soloist by releasing his first solo studio album, NOMAD, in 2019.


9. Koji Seto

Koji Seto is a Japanese artist. He has found success in the field of both acting and singing. Koji Seto is a lead vocalist in the J-rock band, Tetra-Fang. He is a member of the D-Boys. D-Boys is an acting group. As the name suggests, the group consists of male actors.


10. Hirofumi Araki

Another artist from the D-Boys on this list is Hirofumi Araki! Araki is a part of the group, D-Boys. Araki has a great singing ability, and he has been a part of many musical stages. Hirofumi Araki has starred in many successful television dramas. He is the leader of the D-boys pop unit D-Date. D-Date consists of other D-Boys members and an outsider who has not been a part of the D-Boys.