Article: Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Japanese Antagonists

If asked to imagine the story's antagonist, one might picture a dangerous personality by looks and deeds. A mean, selfish, and hideous character is a common perception of an antagonist. Still, various such antagonists have the most innocent and beautiful looks, which could leave one questioning whether he is responsible for the terrible fate of all the innocent ones. Here, we would talk about female Japanese antagonists with great looks but hideous hearts.

1. Daki

Daki is a negative female character in Demon Slayer: the entertainment district arc. She is gorgeous yet evil and powerful. She comprises excellent regeneration power and kills due to her belt-like silk neck. It took Tanjiro and his friends a lot of effort to kill her.

2. Lust

Daki is a negative female character in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. She is gorgeous yet deadliest and dominating. She uses the power of lust to use people according to her will. One would not want to meet her in a dark alley.

3. Makima

Makima is a negative female character of Chainsaw Man. She looks innocent but gruesome. She chooses the evil path out of loneliness and because of the Control devil. She is the nasty lady of the Public Safety Saga.

4. Cornelia Li Britannia

Cornelia Li Britannia is a negative character of Code Geass; she is a descendant of the Britannia family and a princess of the same. Her personality and attitude indicate that she is a woman with quality and thus outshines the entire season.

5. Yuuki Miku

Yuuiki Miku is not a primary evil, but she did try to separate the team in High School of Dead. The series talks about the survival of a zombie outbreak in a high school. She had a negative impression on the audience because of her cunning deeds.

6. Beatrice Basler

Beatrice Basler is a primary antagonist of the vampire series Strike the Blood. The girl, too, comprises vampire genes and is incredibly beautiful. She appears gorgeous at the tip but has a dark personality, creating chaos for those who come her way.

7. Olive

Olive is a side character from the masterpiece one piece. She is a fierce pirate who is captured and sent to Impel Down, where she successfully escapes. She is attractive and could melt hearts down.

8. Medusa Gorgon

Medusa Gorgon is the evil witch of the series, a soul eater. She is one of the three sisters of the Gorgon family and has served the role of mother of Crona as well. She is tempting but evil.

9. Altair

Altair is a perfect blend of destruction and discipline and is also known as the Military Uniform princess in the series Recreators. She is a dominating character that affects the plotline with her authoritarian personality and is even the main antagonist of Recreators.

10. Nana Hiiragi

Nana Hiiragi is the one who gives meaning to turn into a villain from a heroine of the plot. For several reasons, she is beautiful but transformed into an unexpected personality in the Talentless Nana show.