Article: 10 Popular Anime Based On College Drama

College is the fun part that every school-going student dreams of. The smell of freedom and the confusion of young adults that's what college life feels like. The arena where some of us step ahead from first love and first kisses and get into the life of adulthood with the same teenage brain. This worth-watching college tension of a young adult is a favourite theme for various artists. The anime world has also made blockbusters featuring this sizzling college drama.

1. Ah! My Goddess

Ah, My Goddess is about a college student whose life becomes pure havoc when the goddess grants him his wish of staying together forever. Things start to turn this way when he accidentally calls the goddess's helpline, and they take him seriously.

2. Run With The Wind

Run with the Wind features an interesting university Marathon with two elite runners in the middle. Hanji encounters Kakeru when he is being chased for stealing food and notices his incredible talent as a runner. Then Hanji persuades him to stay with him so they both can participate in the most prestigious Marathon at the university level.

3. Grand Blue

What's more great than spending time with your school friends you haven't met for years? The old is gold, which is what is believed in the case of friendship, and thus, having a beachside vacation with them is pure bliss. The seaside town is called Izu, and it is what most of the story talks about.

4. Golden Time

Golden time is about what the lead believes is a time when he can experience rebirth, make mistakes, make friends, and learn new things. He is talking about the college life where he gets after a tragic incident that takes away his memories of the past.

5. Nodame Cantabile

The tale is about two different personalities in the field of music who got stuck in Japan for their own reasons. One of them is scared of the ocean and planes but is a talented perfectionist at Momogaoka College; the other one is a contrast and loves to play by ear, giving him a sloppy vibe. The girl fell immediately, but the boy took time to appreciate her unusual talent and musical abilities.

6. The Tatami Galaxy

The Tatami Galaxy comprise a very different story where the concept of a parallel universe is blended with college community drama. Opting for a good circle at university is an important decision to make, and it affects our lives in many ways. The people he makes decisions he takes never get him the desired result, and thus, he is shown joining another circle as a freshman.

7. Steins;Gate

The anime is about the creation of a device that could send memories and messages back in time, which was developed by a college student, Okabe, with his friends. The story begins with the death of Neuroresearcher, who is found dead at a time-travel conference and text they send back in time to him to investigate his death. The latter part is all about bringing Mayuri to life, who is dead because of SERN.

8. Honey & Clover

The backdrop is a popular art college and a trilogy of friends that is disturbed by the introduction of a professor's cousin's daughter at the college. The story is more of a love triangle that ignites with Hague's entry. The way of approaching both of the guys was different; one tried to hide it, and the other was weirdly expressive about it.

9. A Sister's All You Need

The story is definite yet interesting and circles the novelist Itsuki Hashima and the characters around him. Each character comprises different motives, dreams, and lives, which might seem to contrast yet be linked to one another. The other characters include a genius writer, a college classmate, a fellow writer, a tax accountant and its editor.

10. Genshiken

Genshiken targets the college club that obsesses over Otaku and the lifestyle they follow in this obsession. The anime is filled with the usage of different manga, anime and video games that are elemental aspects of Otaku culture in Japan.