Article: Top 10 Scandals Of Chinese Celebrities

Separating art from the artist has been a hot topic among debaters for quite some time now. Many artists get into the hubbub of negative publicity owing to their controversial past or present mistakes. However, one must take into consideration the fact that they, too, are humans. And just like everyone else, they should be allowed to make mistakes. Unlike in some scenarios when these mistakes turn too grave to be ignored. Celebrity scandals have turned into a pop culture phenomenon. Multiple critical lenses seem to be ready to study every wrong move by a celebrity. However, it is the fans who play a significant role in making or breaking the careers of their favorite idols.

1. Kris Wu

A former Exo star and a famous actor, Kris Wu was one of the most prominent personalities in China until 2018, when he got caught up in one of the biggest celebrity scandals. In the summer of 2018, a nineteen-year-old college girl came out with her sexual abuse story on her Weibo account. She continued to speak about how Wu did not just rape her but several other women. After this revelation, multiple women spoke out about their encounters with the star. Kris Wu was eventually sentenced to thirteen years in jail and a six hundred million yuan fine for tax evasion.

2. Zheng Shuang

A famous Chinese actress, Zheng Shuang, has received critical acclaim for her work in multiple successful Chinese TV shows and movies. However, she got caught up in a more publicized scandal in 2021. She was not only found guilty of tax evasion but was also involved in a surrogacy scandal at a time when the practice was banned in China. She is now a blacklisted celebrity in the country, banned from public appearances and activities.

3. Huo Zun

For the longest time, The power couple Huo Zun and Chen Lu were gushed over by the Chinese audiences. The fans, however, were taken by surprise when Chen Lu published a lengthy post on Weibo accusing the artist of cheating on her multiple times. Later, a series of WeChat screenshots showed the actor bragging about cheating and also trash talking about her. He was also ridiculing a variety show he was supposed to appear on. Following the controversy, he had to withdraw from the entertainment industry.

4. Zhang Zhehan

One of the most promising actors at one point, Zhang Zhehang’s descent from fame is almost tragic. He came under media scrutiny after the discovery of a series of pictures on his Weibo account. All of the pictures were about him showing his support in one way or another to the Japanese war criminals. The netizens even spotted a picture of him doing a nazi salute, and immediately after, the China Association for Performing Arts urged the entertainment industry to blacklist him on account of harming national sentiments.

5. Lucas Huang

The NCT star was under the heat for quite some time after the release of reports that claimed he took advantage of his fans financially and romantically. His name was eventually dissociated from some renowned brands and he also received criticism and reprimand for bad behavior. He later posted an apology on his Weibo account, but netizens seem to have difficulty accepting him back in the fandom.

6. Zhu Chenhui

China’s policy of tightening controls on livestreaming might prove beneficial for luxury brand houses, but it has been brutal to many celebrities who livestream. One such personality is Zhu Chenhui, who was brutally trolled online after being caught up in an industry tax evasion scandal. She was fined 66 million yuan and was also on the bad side of the netizens who kept canceling her.

7. Zhang Jike

Sports celebrity and famous Olympian Zhang Jike was involved in a major scandal after being accused of allegedly leaking his ex-girlfriend, actress Jing Tian’s private photos online to pay for a gambling debt. Following the scandal, multiple brands, including Toyota and Anta, cut their ties with him. He was also a major target online and had to face heat under the administration.

8. Cai Xukun

Famous Chinese musician Cai Xukun had to face the wrath of the netizens recently after someone came out with the story of his alleged one-night stand that left his partner pregnant. They also claimed that the woman had to get an abortion and that Xukun’s mother had hired a private investigator to monitor her. In his response, Cai agreed to have a consensual relationship with a woman but denied further allegations.

9. Fu Yiwei

Famous Chinese actor Fu Yiwei is known for her work in The Last Empress, The Investiture of The Gods, etc. However, in 2016, she was arrested by the Beijing police for giving shelter to drug users. She was eventually sent to prison and was released a month later. Ever since the scandal, she hasn’t returned to the Chinese entertainment industry and has kept a low profile, only occasionally posting on her Weibo account.

10. Chen Yufan

Chinese actor, singer, and songwriter Chen Yufan became a popular name in China, after the success of his musical duo called Yu Quan. He found himself amidst media and public scrutiny after a drug scandal that left him with the label of a drug addict. He was arrested for the possession of drugs and was in rehab for three years. His band was dismantled following the cancellation of his concerts.