Article: Top 10 Painful Incidents Of Chinese Celebrities

From a normal person's point of view, being a celebrity may look easy because of the glamour and fame celebrities receive. However, we don't see that being a celebrity means a barter system of fame and privacy. Celebrities sure do get fame and success but it comes with a heavy price, especially in Asian entertainment industries, because one small mistake and the celebrity can be canceled. As cancel culture is rising.  Moreover being a celebrity has its cons too, the personal matter will no longer be a personal matter and gets eventually out in the public eyes. So we are discussing ten painful incidents of Chinese celebrities in this article.

1. Jolin Tsai 

Jolin Tsai is one of the biggest icons of China. The singer is regarded as the Queen of Chinese Pop. The talented actress-singer had to go through a painful incident once. In 2001, Jolin Tsai was spotted with fellow singer Jay Chou and was since then was rumored to be dating though they never confirmed at that time. In 2005, Jay Chou was spotted in Japan with Patty Hou. After this incident, Jolin Tsai and Jay Chou were never spotted together. It was reported that they broke up. After many years in 2013, Jolin Tsai in an interview revealed for the first very first time that in the early 2000s Jolin and Jay were indeed dating and she got cheated on by Jay. Jay cheated him with Patty Hou.


2. Tzuyu

Tzuyu is one of the members of the K-pop group Twice. She is a Taiwanese citizen. Tzuyu had to go through a painful incident publicly. In a broadcast, Tzuyu held up a flag Republic of China flag, as she is a Taiwanese. The other members of TWICE too held up a flag of their country. However, this action of Tzuyu received severe backlash and caused an uproar all over Mainland China. At that time Tzuyu was only 16 years old. Later Tzuyu posted an apology video.


3. Sammi Cheng 

Sammi Cheng is an actress and singer. She is regarded as Cantopop Queen. Sammi Cheng had to go through a painful incident. She had been diagnosed with depression. She had admitted that she was suffering from depression for three years since 2005.


4. Lay Zhang

The popular Chinese celebrity has fans across the world due to his activities as an EXO member and also his solo singing career. Zhang Yixing also called Lay Zhang had to go through a painful incident. He couldn't participate in the group activities of the Exo since 2016 until recently. He was on hiatus as an EXO member However he was fully busy in China as a solo artist. The reason for his hiatus was not because of his will but because of the tension between China and South Korea Because of THAAD. This painful incident was suffered not only by Lay but also the other members of Exo and EXO-Ls


5. Angelababy

Angelababy is one of the most famous and popular Chinese actresses of recent times. She had to go through a very embarrassing hurtful incident in 2012. She was accused of having fixed her face, which is undergoing plastic surgery. The actress was not quite about the matter and sued the clinic which made the claim.


6. Jackson Wang 

Jackson Wang is a member of the 7 members South Korean group, Got7. Jackson Wang once suffered a car crash because of saesang fans chasing his car. He had suffered back pain and was rushed to the hospital immediately.


7. Huang Xiaoming 

Earlier we had mentioned Angelababy. Huang Xiaoming is the husband of Angelababy. It seems that the couple is not immune to painful public incidents. Huang Xiaoming had to resign from being the host of a Chinese reality show. He had to resign because of controversy which arose as his ex-girlfriend Li Feier participated in the show.


8. Z. Tao 

Huang Zitao more popularly known as Z. Tao is now a popular Chinese singer and actor. However, he is a former member of the k-pop group EXO. He had to leave EXO in 2015 due to health-related issues. It was quite painful for both the fans and Tao himself to go through this incident.


9. Shawn Yue

Shawn Yue, whose original name is Shawn Yue Man-lok is a Hongkong singer and actor. He once shared on an Instagram post that he had suffered from panic disorder, and the first instance was on a commercial flight. This is very brave of him to share something so vulnerable among the public.


10. Louis Cheung 

Louis Cheung is a singer-songwriter and actor. He is married to Kay Tse she is a popular face in the music industry of China. He once confessed in a broadcast that he suffered depression because of his wife's rising achievement as the couple was being compared based on their income. The public felt he didn't bring much to the table as compared to his wife, which ultimately pushed Cheung into depression.