Article: Top 10 Janice Wu Dramas & Movies

Wu Qian is mainly famous as Janice Wu (English name). She made her debut in the ‘Young Sherlock Chinese series. Almost every work of hers has gone hit amongst fans. She is still receiving a huge response for her previous work like  'My Amazing Boyfriend,' ' Fighter in the Destiny, 'Le Coup de Poudre,' 'The Brightest Star in the Sky,' etc. She has received notable awards in her nationality, like the most promising artist, Fashion Powers Awards, etc. She is bold, cute, and Stylish. Janice Wu and famous Chinese actor Zhang Yujian married in 2000 and announced their divorce in February of 2022. She is active in her acting game, so be ready for her new upcoming wonders.

1. Skate Into Love

A 2020 Sport/Romance genre holding storyline Janice Wu playing 'Tangxue' a short track speed skating girl, and Zhang Xincheng 'Li Yubing,’  an ice hockey star of their university. Both meet at the university with a childhood flashback story. Starting with fights, they end up loving each other and supporting their careers. Janice Wu plays a rowdy, sporty girl, a very contrasting role from her work style. The drama is a must as it doesn't stick to the lovey-dovey side but also gives a motivational message.


2. Le Coup De Foudre

Adapted from the novel ‘I don't like this world, I only like you,’ the drama is a great success amongst the audience. Zhang Yujian as Yan mo is a reserved character, and Janice Wu as Zhao Qiaoyi is understanding and kind. Starting from their high school, short love interaction without any confessions, they wait for each other to get reconnected. Yes, they meet but with a lot of struggles. You will miss a great series if Le coup de foudre is not on your list. The couple got married in real life and also reported to be getting a divorce.


3. The Brightest Star In The Sky

All in one genre of romance, comedy, and music, the drama is quite career-oriented as well. Yang ZhenZhen (Janice Wu) joins an entertainment company for being an artist manager and is assigned to assist Zheng Bai Xu (Huang Zitao), an Idol. With more journeys ahead, Zhenzhen helps Zheng Bai Xu and transforms him into a good and potential human from a rude version. The climax takes over when he has a competitor to prove his identity. Zhengzhen experiences a lot in her job, and the love story sparkles.


4. My Amazing Boyfriend

Janice plays Tian Jingzhi, a normal human being, and Kim Tae- Hwan as Xue Ling Qiao, a mutant. He is awakened in an accident by Tian. Unfortunately, they now live together in Tian’s house, and fortunately, they fall for each other following romantic feelings. But things about the long-lost past are revealed later, and tables get turned in their way.


5. An Oriental Odyssey

The series is of the historical-fantasy genre and seems to have all detectives in the ancient Tang dynasty. They are after finding the truth and holy artifact behind a conspiracy. The drama is engaging to watch when it draws on new cases and their relations and the deadly struggle made by Ye Yuan An, an upper-class minister’s daughter (Wu Quian), Mu Le, a mere slave (Zheng Ye Cheng), Zhao Lan Zhi, a police detective (Zhang Yu Jian), Ming Hui, a princess (Dong Qi)


6. Catman

Se-hun is playing Liang Qu, a half-cat, half-human role in the film, and Janice Wu as Miao Xiao Wan, a typical ambitious human. This fantasy-romance film got released in 2021 after many struggles like suspension, delays, and removals. The basic storyline says- Miao Xiao Wan is developing an app that can translate animal sounds, and Liang Qu, being well versed, helps her in her project. The rest is a mess after his personality, and the app is out upfront.


7. Octogenarians And The 90s

Octogenarian means a person between 80-9 years old. The Tv show involves many octogenarians and their touching stories, a story of  ‘Sunshine House.’ ‘Sunshine House 'is a house for the elderly to care for in their overlooked period. Ye Xiao Mei is the granddaughter of the founder of this house, Grandma Lin, entrusted to care for the residents after her last stage of cancer. Janice Wu has portrayed a very delicate, caring, and heroic role in this drama fighting a few obstacles and converting them into a family-friendship bond.


8. Fighter Of The Destiny

The lead in the drama, Chen Chang Sheng, is struggling through a fatal disease and trying to live to the fullest as he is very soon to die. He was an abandoned child already and saved by a monk; he left the house to find solutions to his disease. In the later part, Janice Wu plays Bai Luo Heng as a supporting character. Through her position, she stole the best screening moments with her charismatic personality. It is a high-rated 2017 romance-based series.


9. Beauty From Heart 

Following an extended range of episodes, the drama has around five leads, including our Wu Qian. Tao XiaoTing (Janice) & her twin sister Tao Xiaodi (Gai Yue Xi), but with no similar facial features as Tao Xiao Di, get plastic surgery. They are both different personalities with different ideologies. They start with a new beginning in a new city in their career. Their difference leads them to want and choose not-so-similar ways. It’s a recent 2021 drama, yet on its way to reaching its peak like other Janice Wu high-rated dramas.


10. The Fox Fairy Court

Again a story based somewhat on detectives and investigations, Janice plays the central role of Yu Xiao Cui, a Fox spirit in the drama. Wang Yuang Feng, played by Eric Wang, is the son of aristocratic family background. He is not into love matters or accepts family support. All by himself, Wang Yuang is only after solving mysteries. He saves Yu Xiao Cui’s life; hence the Janice fox spirit helps him solve various cases after getting married. How? Let the comical personality of Janice in the drama attract you to find it out by yourself.