Article: Top Ten Best K-Drama Endings

Most K-dramas have satisfying and delightful endings however some K-dramas have more fulfilling endings than others. In this series, we are talking about some K-dramas which are the best endings.

1. The Glory

In this series, we follow Moon Dong-Eun, a high school student whose entire life gets stunted when she becomes the victim of high school bullying and violence. She was intensely bullied and harassed by her fellow students. Neither the police nor the teachers at the school help her. Her mother abandons her, and her homeroom teacher blames her for the bullying. The Glory has one of the best and most satisfying endings. The entire series keeps you on edge as you root for Dong-Eun to exact her revenge.

2. Crash Landing On You

In this series, we follow Yoon Se-Ri, a rich heiress in South Korea. One day due to a paragliding accident Se-Ri lands in North Korea. When she lands in North Korea she meets Jeong-Hyeok, our male protagonist. He is an army officer in the North Korean army. Hyeok despite being irritated by Se-Ri at first, tries to protect her as he tries to guide her back to South Korea. In their journey, Se-Ri and Hyeok develop romantic feelings for each other. This series has a bitter-sweet ending however it does leave us with a smile. The entire series is beautifully written and has a delightful ending.

3. Hometown Cha Cha Cha 

In this series, we follow Yoon Hye-Jin who is a hardworking dentist. She is realistic and down to earth. She is satisfied with her life in Seoul however, one day her entire life is turned upside-down. Hye-Jin was forced to move to a village named Gongjin. While looking around the village Hye-Jin bumps into Hong Du-Sik. Du-Sik, our male protagonist is an interesting man. He is called Chief Hong by the rest of the villagers. He is smart, and handsome and helps around the village. This series is an emotional journey and has a lovely ending.

4. It's Okay To Not Be Okay

In this series, we follow Moon Kang-Tae who works in a psychiatric ward. He is a hard-working man who cares deeply about his patients and works hard looking after his brother. He deals with unexpected situations in his work every day, however, nothing is as unexpected as Ko Moon-Young. Moon-Young is a popular children’s writer. She has a personality disorder and is rude, anti-social, and arrogant. Through this series, we see how both these characters are broken people who had to go through a lot in life. We see how both develop with each other and slowly fall in love. The ending of this series is beautifully done.

5. Mad For Each-Other

In this series, we follow No Whi-Oh, a detective who is easily irritable and has a quick temper. He has trouble controlling his temper and thus must seek help. While trying to become better and become his former self, he runs into a woman named Lee Min-Kyung. Min-Kyung had a fine job and a beautiful appearance however her entire life gets turned upside down. When her life turns Min-Kyung becomes compulsive and experiences delusions. The ending to this series is quite delightful.

6. Romance Is A Bonus Book

In this series, we follow Kang Dan-Yi, who used to be a well-known and dedicated copywriter. However, she is no longer employed and needs work. Due to her age and her background, she finds it difficult to find a proper job. After lying about her age and background she finally can get a job at a publishing company. Cha Eun-Ho also works at this publishing company. He is a chief editor at the company, and he is also a well-known author. He is smart, kind, and warm. We see how both slowly fall in love with each other.

7. Our Beloved Summer

In this series, we follow Choi Ung and Kook Yeon-Su, a couple who had broken up five years ago. Suddenly a documentary that they both filmed when they were in high school became popular. Due to this, both are forced to stand in front of the camera again. We see them mature and grow as people. Slowly we see them fall in love again. This series has a very endearing and lovely ending.

8. Little Women

In this series, we follow three sisters - In-Joo, the eldest sister, Oh In-Kyung, the middle sister and Oh In-Hye, the youngest sister. These sisters have all grown up in a poor household. In-Joo tries her best to earn money and protect her two sisters. In-Joo's entire life gets upside down when she gets involved in a case. Oh, In-Kyung is a bright reporter and In-Joo is a student at a prestigious school and has a natural talent for art. This series has one of the most satisfying and heart-warming endings.

9. Guardian: The Lonely And Great God

In this series, we follow Ji Eun-Tak, an orphaned girl who has the extraordinary ability to see ghosts and communicate with the dead. She is also the bride of the Goblin. On the other hand, we have Kim Shin also called a Goblin. He is cursed to be immortal and only his bride could be able to kill him. We see how both their lives get entangled and how they fall in love with each other. Guardian is an extraordinary series. It takes us on such an emotional journey. The ending is equally beautiful and sad. It is a beautiful series that has a beautiful ending.

10. She Was Pretty

In this series, we follow Kim Hye-Jin, an intern at a fashion magazine. In this fashion magazine, she runs into her old childhood friend Sung-Joon who is the editor of the magazine. Sung-Joon does not recognise Hye-Jin as he had moved to America when he was a child and Hye-Jin no longer looks like her childhood self. Sung-Joon is now cold-hearted and arrogant. The ending of this series is very delightful.