Article: 10 Must-Watch Historical Chinese Dramas

Ancient times and historical dramas are an essential means of bringing out the depths of Chinese culture. Here is a list of 10 historical dramas that you must watch to grasp a tiny amount of their vast culture.

1. The Untamed

Wei Wuxian, a disciple of the Yunmeng Jiang clan, became friends with Lan Wangji, one of the ‘Twin Jades Of Lan’. During their adventures, the two of them find out that the leader of the Qishan Wen clan was plotting to wreak havoc throughout the cultivation land. Somehow, while trying to save his clan members, Wei Wuxian ends up getting killed in the process and is labelled as the ‘Traitor Of The Cultivation World’. 16 years later, Wei Wuxian is brought back to life. This time will he be able to prove his innocence and find the real culprit behind the murders?


2. Dance Of The Phoenix

Meng Yuan is a shy young girl aspiring to become one of the best Chinese traditional medicine practitioners. But one day, she is randomly transported into the body of a woman who lives in a world where martial arts and magic rule the lands. Now known as Feng Wu, she is caught up in a marriage with a prince, Jun Linyuan. Jun Linyuan and Feng Wu both do not want to get married to each other, but due to the evil forces, they must.


3. Ashes Of Love

Jin Mi, the daughter of the Water Immortal and the Flower Deity, was given a magical pill that prevents her from feeling any sort of emotion or even falling in love. When Jin Mi mistakenly takes the Fire Immortal, Xu Feng as the culprit behind her father’s death, she kills him. During this time, she accidentally ends up coughing the magic pill out. Xu Feng challenges Run Yu, the Night Immortal, for the position of authority as the Heavenly Emperor, after getting revived as the Demon Lord. Jin Mi, unfortunately, gets caught up between the two lords.


4. Eternal Love

Bai Qian is a beautiful High Goddess who had lost her memories while sealing away an evil ghost lord who had tried to wreak havoc. To regain her memories, Bai Qian is sent to the mortal realm. There she meets Ye Hua, and they end up falling for each other. When Ye Hua and Bai Qian regain their immortality, Ye Hua is somehow treated with indifference when he tries to pursue Bai Qian once again.


5. Legend Of Fei

Zhou Fei is the granddaughter of the famous swordsman, Li Zheng. She grew up in an isolated home that was heavily guarded. Zhou Fei had always longed to escape and made several attempts to get away. Her life took a turn when she tried to save her cousin from drowning and ended up having to be saved herself too. She was saved by a young martial arts master, Xie Yun. The two of them decided to help each other perfect their skills together when they met again. This time, Zhou Fei had not escaped but was permitted to leave the premises to complete a mission.


6. Word Of Honor

Zhou Zishu has made up his mind to quit as the leader of the Window Of Heaven, an assassination organization that serves the royalty. To quit, he must perform the ritual of ‘The Nails of Seven Orifices and Three Autumns’. The ritual allows the performer only 3 years to live while slowly killing them in the process. Zhou Zishu leaves and embarks on a journey to travel around the world. During this, he comes across a mysterious martial artist named Wen Kexing. The two of them become fast friends and set out on a journey to find a particular treasure that will grant the owner, great power.


7. The World Of Fantasy

Qin Lie is a young man who accidentally gets caught up in the middle of a conspiracy. Qin Lie, along with his childhood friend, Ling Yushi, and their companions, set out on a journey to better themselves while protecting the spirit realm in the process. During this journey, Qin Lie begins to uncover his unique heritage and ancestry.


8. Ancient Love Poetry

Xuan Yi, the overlord of the Nether World, has been trapped for quite some time. Shang Gu is a young girl tasked with the responsibility of obtaining the Power of Chaos and becoming the Chief God. But unfortunately, Shang Gu has poor cultivation skills, and to top it off, she is a lazy learner. Bai Jue, one of the True Gods, is tasked with teaching Shang Gu. Slowly their relationship grows, and the two become fond of each other, while on the other hand the Snow Goddess becomes jealous and beings plotting with the devils.


9. Love By Hypnotic

Princess Li Ming Yue is a free-spirited and adventurous young girl who gets betrothed to Prince Zi Li Qian. Both of them are reluctant to get married and keep pushing each other away and keep arguing about calling the engagement off. Ming Yue decides to use hypnosis to manipulate Li Qian, but she accidentally ends up triggering some of his memories. Desperate to find out more about those memories, Li Qian proposes to Ming Yue that she help him regain his memories on the account of a marriage of convenience.


10. Ancient Detective

Jian Jin Huan, the leader of the Shen Ji Valley, was killed in a battle that took place almost 8 years ago. His son, Jian Bu Zhi, was also injured and ended up losing all his memories. The culprit behind the tragedy was never caught. Jian Bu Zhi decides to venture out and uncover the truth behind the incident. Along his journey, Jian Bu Zhi and his companions off help various people and solve multiple crimes.