Article: Top 10 Workout Routines Of BTS Jungkook

K-pop idols are very conscious and particular about their body, and appearance in front of the public due to the high beauty standards of Korea. K-pop idols have to maintain their physique and skin by following strict diets and workout routines. Jungkook or Jeon Jungkook (Golden Maknae), belongs to a very famous boy band group that is BTS (Bangtan Sonyoendan). He is very popular among youths, and adults today due to his alluring body, impeccable talents and tattoos. Jungkook has shown that he loves to work out and do other physical activities to maintain his physique. He has also revealed his top 10 workout routines, which are the reason behind his fitness. Let's look into it.

1. 100 Squats

In one livestream, Jungkook, mentioned, 'Just do 100 squats as soon as you wake up. Though doing 100 squats as soon as you wake up might not be easy, for Jungkook they are for sure. Squats are a beneficial exercise that targets the lower back, legs, and core muscles, which helps to maintain good body posture, reducing the chances of injury. Squats help to burn down calories and strengthen lower body muscles, making daily activities like walking and running comfortable and less painful. If doing the same squats makes you feel bored, there are other variations of squats, like Prisoner, Single Leg, Wall Squats etc.

2. 30 Reps Of An Ab Workout

The next is an ab workout. Jungkook did not specify which ab workout he does, but there are a variety of ab workout that helps to beat back pain, increase stability, strengthen the core, and achieve a toned midsection. The types of ab workouts include Push-ups, Dead Bug, Hollow Body Hold, Pilates, Russian Twist, Bear Crawl, and many more.

3. 2 Sets Of Lunges

Lunges are a good set of workouts for the legs. BTS Jungkook has included two sets of 20 lunges in his workout routine. Lunges improve balance, and strengthen, and build muscles in the glutes, hamstring, hips, quad and calves. Lunges help to trim excess body fat from the lower body. It also helps boost metabolism, improve flexibility and improve body balance. Lunges also help to correct any imbalances between the right and left sides of the body.

4. 1 Minute Normal Plank

Plank is a beneficial exercise that targets the front core muscles. It not only strengthens the core but also helps the stability of the core. Now, the plank is another exercise that Jungkook had added to his list, which brilliantly targets the abdominals. Planks help to improve posture and reduce body fat. While doing planks, it feels like time is not passing by and you are stuck where you started. It is considered to end a challenging workout with a plank due to its effectiveness and also it does not require any speed training which makes it easier to end with.

5. 1 Minute Each Side Plank

The side plank helps to target the Obliques. It not only targets obliques but also targets the six packs. Side planks help improve shoulder balance and stability for the spine and hips. The side plank is a bit complex than the regular plank, as it requires balancing and elevating the side body for a certain period. To hold onto the side plank it is essential have good balance on both sides so that no one ends up causing injury to themselves in the end.

6. 20 Mountain Climbers

The following exercise is a mountain climber. Jungkook usually does 20 mountain climbers. It is an exercise that targets multiple muscles of the human body. It effectively strengthens the core, shoulders, back, arms, and legs. Mountain Climbers use numerous muscles at once resulting in a high heart rate that helps to burn more calories and fats. Mountain Climbers is a revised version of Planks.

7. Superman Exercise

The Superman exercise helps to stabilize the hip extensor and lumbar. This particular exercise is budget-friendly and provides benefits like solid and good back muscles, strengthening the spine, and preventing injuries, resulting in strong legs. The Superman exercise can be done either outside or inside. There are a variety of Superman exercises that are Bird Dog, Cobra, Standing Superman, and Superman with elbows bent. People with lower back pain or with any recent Injuries can hurt themselves while doing this exercise, which is why, it is better not to do it during such circumstances.

8. Crunches

Crunches are another set of exercises in the Jungkook workout regime. Crunches are bodyweight training that requires no equipment and can be performed anywhere. Crunches improve and strengthen the core and back muscles. While doing crunches, it hits the abdomen, which makes the muscles strong and results in weight loss. Different varieties of crunches can be done such as Bicycle crunch, Reverse crunch, Oblique crunch, Vertical leg crunch, etc.

9. Leg Raises

It is not clear what type of leg raises exercise Jungkook does, but it is their in his workout routine. Leg raise helps to strengthen the outer thighs, backside, and hips, improving stability. When someone sits for a long, leg raises exercises can be done to activate the muscles. All you have to do is lay down, raise your legs in an upward direction, and hold it for a while. Usually, too, while doing nothing, leg raises can be done as well.

10. 15 Burpees

The last workout routine Jungkook is Burpees, one of the most challenging exercises. Burpees increase the heart rate like anything but result in cutting the body fats. Burpees is a full-body workout that targets and strengthens the upper and lower body. It will engage the muscles of the shoulders, chest, abdomen, legs, and hips. Burpee is a kind of cardio which engages all of your muscles and helps to increase the stamina. It takes a lot of strength to do burpees, so before doing it, one must be ready to sweat through and have a high heart rate that makes it hard to catch breaths.