Article: Top 10 Webtoons With Fascinating Art-Styles

Webtoons are growing in popularity with each passing day. These are loved and read by millions of fans who actively contribute towards their growing recognition. Many Korean Dramas are also adaptations of Webtoons. Fans love these because of their interesting and intriguing storylines and appealing art styles that are enough to catch one’s attention. In the present world, Webtoon is one among one of the most used digital comic platforms for both creators as well as readers of comics. There are many well-written digital comics with fascinating art styles on the platform. With that, we have prepared a list of the Top 10 Webtoons Whose Art Styles Will Leave You Wanting More!

1. True Beauty

Despite being one of the most popular Webtoons, True Beauty also has an eye-catchy animation style loved by many fans. The story shows how Ju-Kyung was bullied for being ugly- or that’s what everyone perceived her as. Due to this, she decides to master her make-up skills. This takes a turn to something unexpected and she rises to fame due to her new transformation. But then things take a turn for the worse and she faces some situation where she needs to hide her make-less face or she’ll be judged by people for hiding her true face!

2. Leveling Up My Husband To The Max

Your life is filled with bad luck. You have a cold-hearted, nonchalant husband. Your mother in law is unreasonable and demanding. And you may die a wrongful death. But you are presented with a chance to change everything. But you are presented with a choice to go ten years back in time and correct everything that went wrong. Will you take it up? Amber is in a familiar situation. After moving back in time she learns things about her husband when he was young and completely different. Will she be able to change her fate or get stuck in her miserable spiral of life again?

3. Purple Hyacinth

Lauren Sinclair is offered a surprising deal to team up with the most notorious assassin, Purple Hyacinth to take down the Phantom Scythe. She is a former detective, who’s now a cop fighting the evil to defend the weak no matter the cost. She’s doing so due to her tragic past and inability to save her loved ones back in time. She decides to use her ability to detect lies to benefit others.

4. Surviving Romance

What would you feel like if you suddenly become the protagonist of the Webtoon or manga you’re currently reading? The same thing happened with Chaerin Eun who was reading a romance novel but ended up replacing the main character in the novel! She wishes to play the role of the beautiful and intelligent lead. She also wishes to experience a fairy-tale ending with the main character’s love interest in the novel, Jeha Yu. But then things take a turn and she realizes that things are not going accordingly to the storyline of the novel. At this moment she’ll have to take the help of an unknown character to play things out to her liking.

5. Unholy Blood

Hayan Park has no other choice but to draw on her deepest, darkest secrets that she had swept away into the unknown. But what is the need for that? She had always wanted to live a normal but vampires were ruining her chances to do so. Not having any other option, she did what she had to save the world from the merciless hunters that had taken over the planet 10 years ago.

6. Hooky

Dani Wytte and Dorian Wytee are two young and powerful twin witches who belong to a powerful family. One day they missed the bus to magic school which resulted in something unforeseen in their life. They got caught up in a war between humans and witches. The Webtoon portrays their rivalry with immense detail and a bewitching art style that is extremely captivating.

7. Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

Many of us dream of our favorite shows and novels becoming real. Imagine how awesome that would be. Well, the exact happened with the Omniscient Reader. The comic he was reading came to life. He had no clue what had happened for the comic to become real. There was no way for him for dealing with his newfound life. But now when the real world is getting destroyed, only one man knows how to end it- and that is the Omniscient Reader.

8. The Pale Horse

Rose Dupre was an ordinary country girl who lived in ancient France. Well, at least for the first 12 years of her life. Despite being excluded from society for being the witch’s daughter, she lived normally. There was a rumor around of her mother killing and eating humans. One day, a demonic presence returns once again to France to recover something he had lost a few years ago. His sudden appearance led to disruptions in the lives of people. What will happen to France now?

9. Sweet Home

Cha Hyun Soo’s family died in a car accident leaving him an orphan. After their death, he moved to room 1410 of the Green Home apartment complex. After a few days, something strange started happening around the city. There could be seen weird symptoms like nosebleeds. People started changing forms into unnatural creatures that resembled monsters. The entire city is soon invaded by such monsters.

10. For The Sake Of Sita

A medical student who was volunteering for services abroad in the country of Nepal falls hardly in love with a fallen goddess. But he is faced with hardships he must overcome to have her. He does everything in his power to fight off his written fate for the sake of his love for the goddess.