Article: Top 10 Korean Movies With Successful Sequels

If you are in a mood to binge-watch some good quality content but don't want to invest your time in watching a drama or television series, then don't you worry, we get you! We have listed here ten such Korean movies which have a sequel to them, perfect for you to binge-watch. Some movies become successful while their prequel fails to be successful due to many possibilities, but here we have listed such successful sequels which entirely justify the first instalment of the film series!  These are some quality movies with good sequels perfectly worthy of your time.

1. Tazza: The Hidden Card

Tazza: The Hidden Card is a South Korean movie that has a successful sequel. Tazza: The Hidden Card got released in 2014 while the sequel of this film, Tazza: One Eyed Jack got released in 2019. Both the films follow the genre of crime drama. The story of both films revolves around gambling.


2. Steel Rain

Steel Rain is an action thriller film that got released in 2017. The sequel of this film, Steel Rain 2: Summit got released in 2020. Though the sequel of this film is a standalone sequel, the cast remained the same however, they portrayed different characters. This action thriller is also on Netflix for the international audience to enjoy.


3. The Two Worlds

This is the first part of the two-part movie series, Along With The God. The Two Worlds got released in 2017 while its sequel, The Last 49 Days got released in 2018. Along With The Gods is a Fantasy action genre Film, and makes for a good binge-watching session if you want to watch something supernatural.


4. Train To Busan

Train to Busan is a zombie thriller film that has garnered quite a positive response across the world for its brilliant narrative and direction, however many do not know that Train to Busan has a standalone sequel of its own titled, Peninsula. The standalone sequel which got released in 2020 focuses on a soldier who is sent out to retrieve money from a zombie inhabited peninsula.


4. My Tutor Friend

The romantic comedy film, My Tutor Friend got released in 2003. While the sequel, My Tutor Friend 2 got released in 2007. Though the promotion of My Tutor Friend 2 referred to it as a sequel of the 2003 film, however, it was a spin-off of the My Tutor Friend. But either way, both the films make up for a good watch.


5. My Wife Is A Gangster

My Wife is a Gangster is a three-part movie series. My Wife is a Gangster got released in 2001, while its sequels got released in 2003 and 2006. This action comedy genre movie series stars different actors in three of its film. While actress Eun-Kyung Shin reprises her roles in My Wife is a Gangster and My Wife is a Gangster 2. The movie series also stars big Chinese names such as Shu Qi and Zhang Ziyi.


6. The Accidental Detective

The action comedy film which got released in 2015, The Accidental Detective too has its sequel, The Accidental Detective 2: In Action. This movie series will be perfect for binge-watching if you want to watch the genre of crime and comedy along with the action.


7. My Boss, My Hero

This comedy and crime genre film is a trilogy. My Boss, My Hero is the first installment that got released in 2001. While the sequel, My Boss, My Teacher got released in 2006, and the third instalment, The Mafia, The Salesman got released in 2007.


8. My Sassy Girl

My Sassy Girl is quite a cult romantic comedy movie in the South Korean entertainment industry. My Sassy Girl got released in 2001 starring Cha Tae-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun in the lead roles. In 2016, the sequel of this film was released titled, My New Sassy Girl starring Victoria Song and Cha Tae-hyun.


10. Once Upon A Time In A Battlefield

Once Upon a Time in a Battlefield got released in 2003, this film is of a comedy and war genre. As the title of the film suggests, the plot revolves around the Hwangsanbeol Battle between the Silla kingdom and Baekje kingdom. The sequel of this film, Battlefield Heroes got released in 2011.